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Reopening and curfew at 11pm and indoor restaurants: Areas ask the government

April 26 reopening, yellow zone, traffic and curfew: on the day of the new Covid decree, with the rules and procedures, other comments arrive from the regions. Allow, according to safety protocols, catering services both indoors and outdoors, without differentiating treatment based on administration times and extending curfews from 10pm to 11pm: These are two additional notes and changes to the draft decree for reopening which, according to Knowing it, the autonomous regions and districts conference was sent to the Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomy Maristella Gelmini and to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, in the afternoon. The regions are also calling for the resumption of individual activities in the indoor gymnasium and in the outdoor swimming pools, from April 26, the reopening of the wedding and early start-up sectors, in relation to the provisions in the draft, the markets and the standardization of reopening dates for outdoor shows and outdoor sporting events. Fedriga: “The guidelines for major tourism, conferences and trade fairs have been updated” Institutional cooperation continues between regions and the government: Today we have updated the “Guidelines for the Reopening of Economic, Production and Entertainment Activities”, introducing expectations and protocols related to major tourism activities, conferences and trade fairs. Massimiliano Fedriga, Chair of the Conference of the Autonomous Regions and Territories. The text updating and supplementing the document approved on April 15 was sent to Ministers Speranza and Guelmini. Emphasizing that decisions regarding the timetable for a possible reopening are the responsibility of the government, Fedriga hopes that “ If the epidemiological situation allows for this and in compliance with all the necessary rules for prevention, then the sectors envisaged in this update the guidelines can gradually resume their activities, allowing them the necessary programming. ”Instructions: 10 square meters per beach umbrella“ Ensure that there is a spacing between umbrellas (or systems). Other shading) to ensure a minimum of 10m2 per canopy, regardless of how the beach is set up (for rows Oa rhombus) continues to provide guidance to the territories regarding the protocols that will deal with major tourism activities, conferences and trade fairs. Guidelines: Multilingual information and beach watchers and again: “Provide sufficient information on the prevention measures to be respected, also understandable to clients of other nationalities. In this regard, accompaniment to the beach umbrella is encouraged. For adequately trained personnel of the organization (beach host) ) Which clarifies to clients the preventive measures to be respected. Guidelines: Control Officer at Free Beaches “With regard to free beaches, the importance of information and individual responsibility on the part of pastors in adopting behavior respectful of prevention measures is repeated. In order to ensure compliance with a safety distance of at least one meter between persons and cleaning and disinfection interventions for any services present, we suggest The presence of a monitoring officer. The position of the parachutes must also comply with the above-mentioned indicators. ” Tips: No to group sports on the beach, yes to beach tennis “It is still forbidden to engage in group sports activities that may lead to gatherings” Provides guidelines for regions on protocols relating to tourism activities, major conferences and trade fairs. “Individual sports that usually take place on the beach (for example, paddles) or in the water (such as swimming, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing) can be practiced on a regular basis, according to people-spacing procedures – the document explains -. Otherwise, for the team In sports (such as beach volleyball and beach soccer), it will be necessary to comply with the provisions of the relevant institutions. ” Tips: Avoid gatherings at exhibitions and conferences “Reorganize spaces, to ensure access in an orderly manner, in order to avoid gatherings of people and to ensure that a distance of at least one meter is maintained between users, with the exception of people who accordingly are subject to the provisions in force, they are not subject to interpersonal spacing. Separate entry and exit road systems. ” It is then necessary to “provide adequate information on preventive measures, also understandable to clients of other nationalities, whether with the help of appropriate signs and stickers and / or audio and video systems, and by resorting to any officer charged with monitoring compliance and promoting it with preventive measures that also indicate the visitor’s sense of responsibility” . It is also appropriate to “enhance the use of digital technologies in order to automate the organizational and participatory processes (such as the reservation system, paying tickets, filling out forms, printing recognition systems, the log-in system, conducting evaluation and satisfaction tests, and the delivery of participation certificates) in order to avoid anticipated gatherings, and in what Concerning privacy, keep a record of attendance for 14 days. ” The maximum number of event participants should be evaluated by the organizers on the basis of the capacity of the designated venues, in order to reduce congestion and ensure interpersonal spacing. In the event that the exhibition event is divided into several locations / pavilions, physically separated from each other, it is necessary to determine the maximum number of participants for each venue / pavilion of the event. Hence, access metering systems must be used in addition to the access restrictions that are also astonishing by day and time reservation systems. With the aim of avoiding gatherings. “

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