British police canceled one sample. It was built with stolen parts

UK police decided to demolish one BMW M3 Touring In light green after discovering that it was built using stolen parts from several parts M3. We know that the German automaker is working on a Touring version of the current generation sports car, but it hasn’t suggested a model similar to the F80 generation.

However, the owner of this unfortunate sample Serie A 3 I decided to build it starting with the standard 3 Series Touring. British police began to become suspicious after examining the car’s license plate, which in fact indicated a Class 3 diesel engine.

After carefully examining the car, the authorities found that not only was the car converted, but under the hood was an M3 engine and not the original Series 3 diesel. Through further investigations also carried out on the BMW M3 Touring, it was discovered that its components came from four other 3 Series, including two stolen M3s.

Via a video posted to YouTube, a West Midlands Police agent revealed that the powertrain and some features came from at least two stolen BMW M3s. The first theft was reported on March 30, 2018 in Sutton Coldfield and the second on September 30, 2019 from an agency in All Saints (Wolverhampton). Finally, two 3 Series station wagons were used to create the chassis and the panoramic roof. has been selected by the new Google News Service, if you want to be up to date with our news
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