British Cycling bans transgender people from competing in the women’s categories

In the context of a sports politicsOn the basis of fairnessThe athletes will compete with the men in an “open class.” The women’s class will be “For those whose gender was determined to be female at birthThe changes will prevent the pilot Emily Bridges – Highest-grossing transgender cyclist – potentially part of British women’s team. She was suspended from the elite women’s premiere race by last year UCI – the union of the world Cycling – although the rules were met at the time.

Bridges He responded to the announcement with a statement on social media, describing the change as “Violent action“by”The organization failed” that “AuditThe conversation about transgender inclusion. He added that the racing scene was giving up given the times he was hitting and that British Cycling I’ve always been involved in a culture battle to get involved in sports.

The debate between science, sport and society in the context of sports justice

Policy British Cycling allowed to Transgender women To participate in women’s elite events in the event that their characteristics do not correspond to the characteristics characters required by the rules, such as levels testosterone. But at the moment there is a debate about the balance between inclusion And justiceand its regulations were suspended amid growing controversy over objective physical differences that would not allow women and transgender people to compete in the same race, for “sports justice,”

Research studies show that even with testosterone suppression, transgender women who transition after puberty retain the performance advantage.he announced British Cycling. “Our goal in crafting our policies has always been to promote and promote equality, diversity and inclusion, while prioritizing fair competition.”

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Reasons for a decision British Cycling

We understand the impact that our policy suspension has had trans people And non-binary We regret the uncertainty and discomfort many felt during this time. ” the Transgender women You will be able to participate without restriction in non-competitive recreational and community cycling. The new policies will be implemented by the end of the year.

That should be considered Emily Bridges He recently set a national junior record over 25 miles and was selected to join the senior academy at British Cycling In the 2019. Having become a very promising competitor in the youth events, Bridges In 2020 he started hormone therapy as part of his treatment Gender dysphoria.

Regulating testosterone levels

She later became eligible to compete in elite women’s events under transgender regulations British Cycling, which requires drivers to have testosterone levels below 5 nanomoles per liter for a 12-month period prior to competition. But a few days before 2022 there National Omnium Championship, the International Cycling Union decided that participation in cycling races could only be permitted after confirmation of eligibility to ride in international competition. Thus dashed his hopes of competing for Wells In the Commonwealth Games.

I asked a group of riders from the peloton from the UCI”withdraw or revokeIts rules on transgender participation, arguing that female athletes in United kingdom She was “ready to interrupt“their events”Concerns about fairness in their sport“. Bridges He claimed to have feltHarassment and demonization“And I felt that there.”Little clarityabout suitability. He added that “It has no advantagecompared to its competitors, and data can prove it. While the British Cycling suspended its regulations, the UCI tightened its regulations, doubling the qualification period to two years and lowering the testosterone threshold required for Transgender womenRa 2.5 nmol/L.

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Research and political debate

But this month, next Austin Kelips She became the first transgender woman to win a women’s stage race UCI In the Gila Tour, the discussion on this issue was reopened to respond to “Athletes’ voices and concerns for equal opportunity for all competitors”.

in the podcast The Sports Desk: The Transgender Conundrum in SportsAnd Bridges She criticized the state of cycling in Britain and its treatment of its transgender competitors. Cycling is still one of the whitest, most straight-forward sports, and you don’t care too much“, He said. “I agree that there has been a careful political debate and ongoing research into it. which did not happen“. there Bridge he added: Research is not viewed critically, and data on sport are not given sufficient importance in the debate on this issue.”

The limits of inclusivity in sports

I have submitted my body to science for the past two years, and that data will be available soon. There is real and relevant data coming soon and appropriate assessments need to be made.Bridges discussion discussion saidpolitical in nature” And “Framed by the media driven by hate“, adding that “Terrified of existence“. he added: “I know a lot of people will think I’m being dramatic, or exaggerating how intimidating I am with the situation. “”I don’t even know if I want to race my bike anymore…but you have no right to tell me when you’re done. “

We are aware of the paucity of research at the moment, but we can only look at what is available for our evaluationsaid John Dutton, CEO British Cycling. I am confident that we have developed policies that protect the fairness of cycling competition, ensuring that all riders have the opportunity to participate. We’ve always been very clear that this is a much bigger challenge than sport. We remain committed to listening to our communities, and monitoring changes in the scientific and political landscape, to ensure that sport is inclusive for all. ” in March ,UK Athletics It also banned trans women from competing in the women’s category in its competitions and events. There have been similar moves in I swimIn the Triathlon it is in Football.

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