British Airways says goodbye to ‘ladies and gentlemen’ in the name of ‘neutral formulas’

British flag airline British Airways I decided not to have ads containing the words “Ladies and Gentlemen“and replace the last”With Gender neutral terms“. The Option So the British company follows similar decisions made by airlines Lufthansa, EasyJet, Air Canada, Quantas, Delta and Japan Airlines. All of these companies have justified the change in question by saying they want to join fully.”feed diversity and inclusion“.

British Airways, in particular, abolished the expression long ago”Ladies and Gentlemen“From its advertisements circulating in boarding areas inside airports. Today, the same company has advised its pilots and crew to stop referring to passengers on board with congratulations filled with the words masculine and feminine and replace them with phrases does not indicate gender. The decision of the British flag bearer was dictated by the need to “To make sure all our customers feel welcome when traveling with us in order to celebrate diversity and inclusion“.

The British press then explains that the company would have chosen this politically correct change in light of changing social norms and beliefs and also on the motive of the need to “I feel like children more comprehensive‘, where a greater proportion of families with children are now traveling by air after the easing of Covid restrictions.

A company spokesperson eventually confirmed the formula was abandoned.Ladies and GentlemenTo clarify that:We celebrate diversity and inclusion and are committed to ensuring that all of our customers feel like they are welcome When they travel with us“.

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