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Britain’s hard line on immigration, a lifetime ban on those arriving illegally

United kingdom

Rome, March 6 – British government led Rishi Sunak Prepare to crack down onSecret immigration. one under study law proposal to Lifetime ban who is trying to illegally land in United kingdom.

UK plan against illegal immigration

just in 2022 Arrivals on the british coast via English channeloften on makeshift boats 45 thousandIn a confrontation 28 thousand affiliate 2021. This year there have already been landings 3000. An increasingly troubling question to Conservative Party Which will be presented tomorrow a new bill signed by the Minister of Interior Suela Braverman. From the first rumors that surfaced, the plan is to take a hard line against those who choose to reach the UK illegally. In fact, the latter would not be able to ask AsylumHowever, if they are transferred to Rwanda or to other countries deemed safe, they will risk various penalties, such as the impossibility of applying for citizenship and even Bandit for life from the uk.

possible criticalities

Thanks to the new law, Braverman stressed, “the only way for the UK will be a road security And legalPM Sunak added: “Illegal immigration is unfair to taxpayersIt is unfair for those who come here legally and it is wrong for them criminal gangs They are allowed to go on with their lives Unethical trade. So let’s understand each other: If you come here illegally, you won’t be able to stayHowever, there are some critical points. In fact, the government’s plan can be a violation of United Nations Refugee ConventionAt least according to the words Refugee Councilone of the most important Ong The United Kingdom deals with immigration. The new procedure can also clash with European Convention on Human Rights (Sido), which could lead the British government to abandon the agreement, as Sunak himself had already suggested.

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