Bring your cell phone to service, what the technician finds funny

Image is from web tours. A man brought his broken cell phone into service, but what technology discovers is funny

cell phone in help
A man brings his cell phone to help, but the “surprise” is funny (Adobe Stock)

Incredible news. Bring a man to him Broken cell phone in helpTo find out the error and fix it. Or at least that seems to have happened. After opening the back compartment of the smartphone, the technician found himself in the front A “surprise” to say the least.

A card with a rather eloquent message written in pen.Hi, please tell my wife that you failed to fix this phone. So it doesn’t check messages on WhatsApp” Content that the technician shared instantly private social network It has already spread. but that is not all! The note ends in “50 euros for you, thanks!!Right below the battery, here is the sign Promised banknotes.

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Mobile phone in help, the image that circulates on the web

cell phone help
This is the picture that’s going around the web

picture The cell phone brought in for the help of the suspect husband المشتبه Obviously, it has already spread. The service technician did not think twice, and immediately shared everything on various social networks. Several pages with thousands of followers and then reposted the photo, Which makes it spin faster. Perhaps not exactly what the man wanted, who now risks being discovered by his wife and going to a bad end.

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In the end, these 50 euros to be added under the phone battery (Apparently) broken, they were some kind of guarantee not to let the technician talk. The latter preferred glory over money, creating content that quickly went viral on the Internet. Needless to say, users are going crazy and re-sharing the image almost everywhere. It has probably already appeared to you too Facebook or WhatsApp. What happened to the miserable husband? Did he remain mysterious or confess everything to his wife?

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