Bring Formula 1 to London

Not only Genoa, not just football. Heads 777 partners Working to create a grand prix for Formula 1 In London, just a few steps from the Royal Docks and the Greenwich meridian. To fully support an investment that promises to be solid, according to daily Mail, mayor Sadiq Khan. The meeting that took place on Monday evening in the City Hall was decisive, just as the new coach took up his position in Genoa Andrey Shevchenko (click here).

In an interview with daily Mail, owner of the American group Josh Wonder confirms its intention to create a new constituency in the UK as well as a constituency Silverstone: “We really hope it will happen, we are very excited. There will be an exciting atmosphere when the greatest athletes in the world with their huge fan bases, sponsors and well-known companies around the world arrive this weekend to race. Most importantly, we will build a world class sports and entertainment complex. The level can serve the community year-round and re-evaluate the surroundings. It’s the kind of investment you can’t measure until it happens, but the impact will be clear.”

777 Partners is already well known in the capital as the owner of London LionsCity basketball team. We continue to work on several fronts, in different cities: from Copenhagen to Genoa, from the ball to the four wheels, from north to south. London.

The first training session for Genoa, Shevchenko and Tassoti in Bigley – photo

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