Bridge of Spirits, PC Better Than PS5 And PS4 In Digital Foundry Analysis –

Qena: The Bridge of Souls It works better Computer Of the PS5 Or PS4, as per his technical analysis digital foundry. Of course, a lot depends on your hardware configuration.

As we wrote in our Kena review: Bridge of Spirits, the title developed by Ember Lab boasts Technical guidance Really compelling, especially during movie scenes, which is fearless compared to the best CG animated films.

It’s precisely the aesthetics that benefit the most from the PC version, but as mentioned, a lot depends on the configuration: using at least one NVIDIA RTX 3070 (here’s review) and a trick to activate the timed upgrade, you can get 4K masked 60 frames per second And overall superior effects compared to Sony consoles.

How do they act? PlayStation 5 And the PlayStation 4? The new platform offers two graphics modes: one that focuses on quality switches to a single mode Precision Dynamics ranging from 1944p to 2160p and 30fps are pretty solid, while the focus on performance runs between 1188p and 1440p but 60fps isn’t rocky.

The same values ​​are used in the PS4 Pro for the only mode available, which does not exceed 30 frames per second and should agree with the quality of the effects, as expected.

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