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Brexit, UK: Excellent for the green thumb

Thumbs up for those with green thumb.

For gardeners and gardeners in the United Kingdom, Brexit has affected hard: too few “European” workers, too many uncultivated plants, endless bureaucracy, and Sistema Johnson For European workers who do not apply to the ornamental sector.

But the problem is also related to purchases from abroad.

. “We buy large quantities of plants from Europe, especially the Netherlands and Belgium, but also from Italy and Germany. The main effect has been on importing plants. Since January 1st, we have faced huge problems and this causes costs and delays as well.” Import, he explains. Boyd Douglas DavisDirector of British Garden Centers.

Demand is two to three times higher than usual, thanks to an additional three million people in the UK who have become passionate about gardening during various periods of confinement. But the supply is down by about 50%.

Euronews reporter explains: Luke Hanrahan:
“This clove plant should be grown on the European continent, because the weather in the UK is not very favorable. It comes from the Netherlands and now costs 20% more to bring here in Kent, England which is causing a real mess in the garden centers.”

This is because every herb, flower, tree or bush has its own European passport.
This is a passport that is no longer valid in the United Kingdom.

He explains Boyd Douglas DavisThe director of the British Garden Centers said: “Every plant must be issued a phytosanitary certificate before crossing the sea. Every plant has that certificate which must accompany it to the UK. In addition, there is now an obligation to register plants. The British authorities must be notified of everything. We import it before it crosses the Channel and reaches our shores. “

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Until the European manufacturer’s passport includes the UK, producers will be in great trouble and consumers will have to pay more for everything.

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