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Brexit, the European Union is considering a legal freeze: the clashes in Belfast are worrying

(Teleborsa) – InEuropean Union It will be ready to hangLegal action Against the United kingdom To violate an agreement Brixi Regarding the Northern Irish Knot due to the strong protests going on in the country. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing sources close to the file.

Initially, the intention of the European Union was to move forward with legal procedures as early as 15 April next but the situation has evolved in northern Ireland He would have persuaded Brussels to freeze this option and work on a file Joint plan With the UK to solve this issue. In Belfast, in fact, the Clashes – in which more than 70 police officers were injured – led by Loyal to Britain Those who have spoken out against the Brexit agreement, arguing that the trade agreement prohibits them from being excluded from the rest of the United Kingdom at the request of the European Union and thus exposes them to economic damage.

In fact, the temporary exemption stipulated in the Brexit agreement has succeeded in avoiding controlled borders withIreland – A goal set by looking at the turbulent past between the two countries – but first introduced with the UK causing a Delay e Interruptions In the business. Hence London’s decision to exempt certain commodities from the controls for a certain period of time, which, however, was unilaterally extended last month by the Johnson government, a step that prompted Brussels to choose the legal measure that appears at present to have been set aside. .

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