Brexit: late delivery and empty shelves, first hurdles after a divorce

About two weeks after it takes effect Brixis, In different parts of the United Kingdom, the first effects of the required divorce from London can be seen in the form of obstacles of various kinds and bureaucratic obstacles.

Kantar Seafood Blocked by French customs, Confiscated pork sandwiches, Additional charge for bananas from Ghana And some holes in the shelves of the Great British Destruction, primarily Northern Ireland.

This is the result of enforcing the rules From the post-Brexit agreement, Which does not provide for customs duties and tariffs, but still involves a large number of customs declarations and even some prohibitions.

Especially for some products that can no longer enter freely from the United Kingdom (which is now a country outside the European Union) inEuropean UnionEven if you are a tourist, just like it actually happens on the border of the United States.

This is the case, for example, for meat, cheese and dairy products which, for safety reasons, must be checked in advance by the authorities to avoid importing diseases. The same does not apply to European tourists who travel to Great Britain For tourism.

Brexit: empty shelves, but it avoided traffic jams

Traffic jams near the canal are still being avoided for now, but day in and day out, the consequences of Brexit, whether temporary or not, are becoming evident.

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For example, delays in the supply of some imported European foods have begun to appear more and more often. Thus, according to daily Mail, For example, fresh fruits and vegetables begin to run out.

Difficulties similar to those facing the Moat Vs. Northern Ireland merchants, With products from Great Britain: In accordance with the divorce agreement, Belfast in fact remained in compliance with European Union property standards, to ensure that Opening of borders with Dublin as stipulated in the 1998 Peace Accords, Hence shipments are subject to local administrative checks and declarations even while in transit within the UK.

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