Brexit, French fishermen’s protest continues in the canal: ferries stopped and access to the Eurotun tunnel blocked

before freight movement, now I’m ferries. French fishermen protest in the Suez Canal muzzle, which stopped in the port of Calais communications that ensure maritime movements with Great Britain. They want to get fishing licenses which London refuses as a result Britain’s exit from the European Union. Paris asked for more 400it’s my country United kingdom awarded for him Target.

According to reports from France media agency5 fishing boats arrived from the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer close the entrance in port Calais: The operation is expected to last an hour and a half, as part of the National Action Day for French fishermen that started in Saint-Malo. The siege here lasted for about an hour, from eight until nine in the morning: dozens of boats participated in the operation, exploding smoke bombs.

Meanwhile, in the early afternoon, another group began blocking freight trucks from reaching the stationEurotunnelChannel Tunnel in northern France. On board dozens of trucks and cars, the fishermen stopped the access link to the station on the French side. An operation announced in the past few hours, which is also part of the National Action Day. A line of waiting trucks formed: the siege should last for two hours. Chairman of the Regional Fisheries Commission, Oliver Lepreter, which described the siege operations today as a “warning shot.”

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