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Brexit, a priority commitment of the EU and UK in the Good Friday Agreement

(Teleborsa) – “The United kingdom And theEuropean Union Share the priority commitment to protectGood Friday Agreement or Belfast on 10 April 1998 in all its dimensions.” This was confirmed by the Vice-President of the European Union Commission, Maros Sivkovicand British Foreign Secretary. les trussin a joint statement, following today’s meeting in Brussels of the body that oversees the Northern Ireland Protocol as part of the Brexit negotiations.

In today’s point they say, “the continued determination of both parties to ensure that the outstanding issues are in context protocol They are addressed and find lasting solutions for the benefit of citizens, companies and stability in northern IrelandSefcovic and Truss emphasized the importance of further engagement, including with the Assembly and Executive in Northern Ireland, and more generally with civil society and businesses.

Today’s meeting, the ninth meeting of the Joint Commission, focused on Citizens’ rights And on the protocol, he explained. “Ensuring the rights of UK citizens residing in the EU and EU citizens residing in the UK has always been one priority Absolute for both parties’ joint statement states: implementation of the part of the agreement Withdraws On the rights of citizens “therefore they are of particular importance” and even if “most aspects” are satisfactorily implemented, “both sides have raised issues that require more attention”.

As for the protocol for Northern Ireland and Ireland, Sefcovic explained, in the meeting with Truss, “We have assessed the intense tension interviews That happened in the last few months in a nutshell. I wouldn’t describe it as either a turning point or a breaking point. So the hard work continues with confidence, we are determined to keep our eyes on the ball to find lasting solutions for Northern Ireland.”

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