Brembo reveals artificial intelligence brakes

“There are moments in the company – explains Brembo CEO Daniel Schillaci – that change the business model. Today with the launch of Sensify is one of those days. The difference between Sensify and a traditional system (also of the brake type with wire) is the same as between a watch and a smartwach. We all agree that there are beautiful watches, but there is no denying that a smartwatch offers a much broader experience.”

Commercial launch in 2024

The braking system, which will be commercialized from 2024, anticipates the car of the future, connected and electric, as well as the industrial position of Brembo, a multinational with more than 11,000 employees and more than 2.2 billion in turnover.

Sensify is the first result of the “Power to Inspiration” strategy, launched a year ago with the goal of transforming Brembo into a solutions provider through an evolutionary path reminiscent of that of tech companies.

It is no coincidence that the Bergamo-based company has a research center located directly in Silicon Valley and invests about 6% of its turnover in research and development, and employs 10% of its employees in research and development activities.

Brembo Sensify, all images of the new AI braking system

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More and more development of strategic programs

The digital age, electric vehicles, and assisted driving are putting pressure on the automotive and component industries. “We are facing – says Chilachi – an unprecedented challenge.” In this historic transformation, the brakes will be among the few things that will remain, but an evolutionary leap must be made that allows the past and the future to be merging: digital and mechanical technology. This transforms the factory into a production plant closer to a computer and smartphone lab where software development is strategic.

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