Breast augmentation without surgery: exercises to try

Who said that to breast augmentation It is necessary to resort to Plastic surgery? By performing a few simple exercises correctly and consistently, in fact, you can tighten your chest and get your chest screaming. The Fitness It is very important to maintain or improve the health of your chest: thanks to the implementation of specific exercises, The muscle tissue of this part of the body improves its flexibility The skin also becomes more toned. Obviously, as with any area of ​​the body, physical activity alone is not enough: they must be combined with regular exercises a balanced diet And a healthy lifestyle free of vices (such as smoking) and excesses.

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breast anatomy

Before knowing how to enlarge breasts naturally, let’s try to understand their anatomy. The breast is mainly composed of glands, fatty tissue and pectoral muscles: these three elements Define shape, texture and size. Bibs are their “base”. Fat is necessary to protect this area of ​​the body and connective tissue ensures containment and support. The more elastic the fabric, the more visible the breasts Difficult.

breast fitness

there Genetics It plays a vital role in breast development. What is written in an individual’s DNA, in fact, determines the quantity and distribution of the various components of breast tissue. However, a so-called “chest fitness” can help you if your genes aren’t kind to you. There are actually some exercises to be done Sport club oa Homepagewhich – which They will help you to enlarge and tighten your breasts and make them more beautiful In a completely natural way. The result cannot be compared to the result of plastic surgery, it is obvious, but constantly doing training will allow you to show off The neckline is “higher” and toned. So, forget about padded bras and push-ups: that’s enough Yup And sweat for a natural and real result!

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what do you need

If you are registered in the gym, at fitness room You will find all the tools you need to perform the exercises to tighten your breasts. But on the other hand, if you don’t have a gym membership, don’t worry: You can train safely in the living room. For “basic” exercises, you don’t even need to buy tools. For people who are more advanced or to perform training in a more effective and comfortable way, you can buy mata group of Weights And why not, one a ball from pilates.

Breast enlargement exercises

How often to train

To achieve satisfactory results in a reasonable time, you have to do the training At least twice a weekEven better, if there are three. Start with the simplest exercises, do two or three sets of 12 repetitions. Then, since you have gained confidence and tone, you can String increase or repetition.


The classic push-up is a useful exercise for breast enlargement. They don’t just work on armsbut also bibs. Lie on the floor or on the carpet, in a prone position, with your arms and palms bent on the floor. Pushing with your arms, raise your chest and torso. While performing the exercise, your knees should remain straight and your toes fixed on the floor. You should be able to fully extend your arm. If this exercise is too strenuous, you can facilitate it by keeping your knees relaxed on the floor: this way the effort will be less. If instead Want to increase the difficulty? From the exercise, you can do push-ups by touching the shoulder. Put yourself in classic mode. When you get up with your arms outstretched, raise your right hand off the floor and touch your left shoulder. Return your hand to the floor and do the same movement with your left hand touching the right shoulder.

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alternating punches

You can do this exercise to tighten your breasts either with or without Weights. If you decide to use weights, take one in each hand, and move one foot back just enough to align the legs. With your elbows slightly bent, open your arms to the side with your palms facing forward and the weights directly above your shoulders. At this point, throw a punch forward And slightly to the left with the right arm, while the right palm will be facing down. Return to the starting position and repeat with the left fist.

chest pressure

You can perform this exercise while lying on a mat, a Pilates ball, or on a flat or slightly inclined bench. While lying down, with weights in your hand, spread your arms sideways Keep the elbows in line with the shoulders. Then raise your breasts at the same time, making the weights touch. Come to the starting position and repeat.

chest press

Walking on the carpet

Another useful exercise to inflate the breasts is I walk on the carpet. Start with your hands on the floor, with your wrists aligned under your shoulders. The body must form a straight line, with your feet shoulder width apart. Raise your right hand and left foot first, moving both to the right. Then raise your right foot and left hand, and move them to the right. Reverse directions and repeat, remembering to move the opposite arm and feet in the same direction.

Workouts at the desk

Do you have a little time available? Don’t worry, there are breast enlargement exercises that you can do even while you are in the office and sitting at your desk. there Isometric contraction Made up of palm pressure, it is a very fast and effective exercise. Standing or sitting, your back straight and your elbows at ninety degrees, your palms together, and press firmly. hold the position for 10-15 seconds Gradually increase the duration and frequency.

What to eat to enlarge the breast

In addition to exercise, you can help yourself to keep your breasts healthy and thriving Power supply. So when shopping, pay attention not only to anti-cellulite foods or those that suggest losing weight more easily: there are also Foods that are useful for tightening the chest. Among the most effective natural remedies, eat foods that contain phytoestrogens. These are estrogen-like molecules that help fill in the bra. Among the foods it contains, we find milkThe soyThe fennelAnd the dried fruitAnd the peachAnd the berriesAnd the Broccoli And the cauliflower.

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