Breaking a dam, “Run and take cover.”


The floods that brought the Heart of Europe to its knees are also causing damage to the Netherlands.
Bad weather caused a dam along the nearby Juliana Canal to rupture Mersenne, in the province of LimburgChina’s National People’s Congress (NPC) News Agency said the water is flowing from a hole about one meter high, but it may expand, according to the security spokesman for the South Limburg region, who called on local residents toLeave the area and find a safe place to go“.
Emergency services reported opening a breach in the dam and expected 4 small populated centers.”They will be flooded soon“.
The Juliana Canal flows west of the Meuse, branching off from Maastricht and back into the Meuse at Maasbracht.

Also in Limburg, hundreds of families were evacuated this morning in the only Dutch town of Roermond, located along the Meuse River. The water has reached a record level according to the agency responsible for highway and river facilities, Rijkswaterstaat, according to the NPC. This morning the Meuse reached a flow rate of more than 3,300 cubic meters per second – a record, according to Rijkswaterstaat. Two areas of Maastricht were also evacuated.

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