Brazil, a draft “plan” to overturn Lula’s victory in the home of Bolsonaro’s former justice minister

from investigating an invasion Institutional buildings In the Brazilian capital last Sunday it appears that village It was much closer to a coup than the same thing Pictures From the destruction of D Square Three powers Let it appear. To shed new light on the sun Scenario Increasingly disturbing is the news of the discovery of the home of the former justice minister in Bolsonaro’s government, Anderson Torres(whose arrest was requested by the Supreme Court) from U.S project Decree establishing the adoption of the “State of Defense” in Supreme Court Elections (TSC). The point of Exceptional measure which, in early November, would have decreed the imperial intervention of the outgoing government on structures electoral justice, It was, in fact, suspending and reviewing the results of the October 30 elections in favor of the President of the Republic Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

there Brazilian constitution It provides that the President can order a “State of Defense” in order to “maintain or immediately restore public order or social peace, in restricted and specified places, or social peace threatened by serious and imminent danger.” Institutional malfunctions“. the decreewhich should be sent to Parliament Within 24 hours and approved by an absolute majority, it was not signed by the President at that time Jair Bolsonaro Hence the intervention to cancel legitimate result affiliate elections Only project remains.

He could have been missing political support for the initiative. The person who Bolsonaro He refers in the last words addressed to his supporters before leaving the country on December 30, and excuses himself for having done nothing to stop him. Lola for stability presidency. “exist People who accuses me because I should have done something,” he said in a broadcast on FacebookExplaining that he searched for “alternatives” and “a way out”, but he “has no political and institutional support” to implement his plans.

Withdraw from this possibility from institutional interference On Electoral Justice, “Plan A,” i Supporters So the ex-president decided to go ahead with Plan B, Like the march on the premises of the headquarters institutional authorities It was renamed among the fanatics themselves Polsonrists in groups of The WhatsApp And cable Used to coordinate field actions.

Meanwhile, at the time of “Plan B”, Anderson Torres He is no longer a minister Bolsonaro judgebut, only for a week, secretary Public Safety in the Federal District. Person responsible for public order a Brasiliaalready suspected of negligence and afflicted with an arrest warrant for “carrying out an organized act of vandalism” in the security of the Federal District on the day she was attacked without warning.

that plan vandals It was to show weakness capital The destabilization of the constitutional order will become apparent. The president himself revealed the real coup plot behind the events Lola In a meeting with the press, he publicly accused him for the first time Armed forces to riot. “Many components Military Police of the Federal District and Armed Forces He was colluding with me terrorists. “The door to the palace was opened to let people in,” Lula said.

Because? According to the former trade unionist, if you face chaos and apparent lack of control on Sunday, the Government Instead of “civilian” intervention by entrusting public safety Brasiliainstead of requesting the “military” intervention of the armed forces in accordance with the provisions of Law and order guarantee (hyperbole), “We would have given full political power to Armed forces The completion of the coup that many were already waiting for. Lola. “I was going to stop being president of Government For some year to take the job. He stressed that this did not happen and will not happen.

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