Boxing Day: What is it? Where is it celebrated? And other questions

Here’s what you need to know about vacation.

What is the aim of Boxing Day?

It is a day to give away the less fortunate. On the way back during the Victorian era in Britain, Maids were allowed to leave To visit their families on December 26, as they had to work for the employers’ Christmas celebrations. Such has become standard practice in 1871, A new holiday is born. Coincides with Saint Stephen’s Day, A Christian holiday with similar themes to charity. When Boxing Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it is celebrated the following Monday.

So why call it Boxing Day?

There are two types of theories. Some say it stems from the time the wealthy give Boxes full of small gifts, money, and leftover Christmas food For their employees to get to know their service. Another theory is that the churches were put down Funds for people to give money to the poorThe money was distributed the day after Christmas.

Where do you celebrate Boxing Day?

wherever you want. But it is really recognized for Great Britain and former British colonies, Such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

I `m American. Can I still party?

Of course. Join in the fun. No one can stop you from doing charity.

What do you do on boxing day?

Some people like to go fox hunting or horse racing, like Saint Stephen was the patron saint of horses. Although the fox hunting was Banned in 2004People still go out regularly to exercise. For others, the day after Christmas is like the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US. The best great shopping deal. Of course, these are things that people do when we are Not Amid a pandemic. You’d better stay safe and sociable this year.

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