Boxing Day and Boxing Day, the origins of the holidays and the association with the English Premier League

Boxing Day is the second of the twelve days of Christmas. Also in the United Kingdom, December 26th is a public holiday, known as Boxing Day, which has been associated with world football for centuries.

Most ardent fans tend to associate Boxing Day – a public holiday that falls on the same day as Boxing Day – with the English Premier League, which starts again on December 26th. In England, this day has been associated with the world of football for more than a hundred years. But what are the origins of the two holidays?

Boxing Day and Boxing Day, what are the origins of the holidays (pixels)

In the Christian tradition, Boxing Day is the second of the twelve days of Christmas. The feast was born with the intention of celebrating the first martyrs, or the first to give up life (by stoning) to prove their faith in Jesus.

In Italy, December 26 became a public holiday in 1947. Before that it was always a normal working day. It was not the Church that demanded that St. Stephen’s Day be recognized as a religious holiday – contrary to what one might think.

The original goal was to extend the Christmas break. As it did, in the case of Easter, with Easter (also known as Passover). Besides Italy, the countries that celebrate Boxing Day are Austria, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Croatia, San Marino and Switzerland (in the Italian part).

Added to this is the Vatican City. December 26th is a day dear to the British: In the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries with majority Christian populations, it corresponds to Boxing Day.

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The term is derived from the English “box” (or “box”) e Refers to the practice of giving gifts to the poorest people during the nineteenth century. Above all, it was wealthy families who prepared the chests containing gifts and leftovers from Christmas lunches intended for the needy.

Boxing Day Premier League

According to other sources, the origin of the celebration must be attributed to the donation box that the various churches display during the Christmas period and which is inaugurated on December 26th.

Boxing Day and Boxing Day, what are the origins of the holidays

Over the years, Boxing Day has turned into a moment dedicated to shopping: today, in fact, it marks the start of sales. This custom seems to have faded today compared to some time ago, when customers emptied stores with exaggerated enthusiasm.

in the UK, Boxing Day instead ended up tying up the sport: In addition to being a public holiday, it is a very important day for fans. If only workers spent the day on the court, then over time Boxing Day has established itself as a day reserved for important matches.

First of all from the English Premier League, the most important Premier League. On December 26, 1860, the first match in history took place, where Sheffield’s historic Nadia and FB Gelm clashed. The tradition continues today: it is almost time for the Premier League to start this year.

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