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cart He pleaded guilty to his crimes against Nintendo and agreed to pay $4.5 million. In addition, the court can decide on an additional sentence of imprisonment for several years. Obviously, we’re not talking about Bowser, the enemy of Super Mario, or even Doug Bowser, the president of Nintendo of America, but Gary Bowser, the cybercriminal.

Gary Bowser was involved in hacking activities to create, sell and distribute modified versions of the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, which were able to run ROM games. The group that Bowser was a part of was active from 2013 to August 2020. This kind of action is clearly detrimental to the profits of Nintendo and the developers and publishers involved: Nintendo has always been very careful to defend its holdings. Big N filed a lawsuit against Bowser in April 2021.

Bowser da Super Mario 3D World + Bowser Fury

Bowser pleaded guilty to his cybercrime and agreed to pay the Japanese company $4.5 million. The file reads: “The business has resulted in the loss of at least tens of millions of dollars in revenue from the sale of the compromised hardware.” The losses to the concerned authorities are estimated between 65 and 150 million dollars. Bowser says he only received between $500 and $1,000 a month for his post, but some additional advertising revenue brought his total earnings up to about $320,000.

“Mr. Bowser realized that his participation in the illegal project harmed copyright owners, trademark owners, console makers, and others who are entitled to receive revenue not only from the use of the hacked consoles, but also from their purchase. And the use of copyrighted video games, The document continues.

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The US Department of Justice has agreed to drop other charges against Bowser as part of the plea deal, but the penalties for the crimes he admits to committing already include two possible five-year prison sentences. If you allow yourself to quote: “So long Gary Bowser.”

Staying on the Nintendo Switch theme, components are missing and production is down 20%.

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