Bottas accident, Mercedes: severe damage, power unit under surveillance

look at meThe Valtteri Bottas accident was in ImolaThe Toto Wolf immediately emphasized the Grand Prix questions raised by the damage to the single seat on planning developments. a A very damaged Mercedes W12 must be rebuilt, In the season organized by the budget ceiling constraints.

Andrew Shovlin deepens the story, which in the short term is related to the possibility or not to recover the power unit for future use, starting with Portimao. “It was such a massive impact, about 30GB of collision on the walls.

Unfortunately the car did not exit well, There is an enormous amount of damage, we were able to return a large portion to the UK, and we have the power unit in Brixworth.They are carefully checked and inspected.

Some of the pieces we could have recovered, Unfortunately, many of them have been damaged beyond possible repairs And we are looking into the logistical plan to try to get enough spare parts at Portimao, make sure both machines are running to the correct specifications“.

Disappointing performance due to lack of cohesion

Bottas found himself in a position other than Mercedes, fighting for ninth place due to difficulties operating the tires, activating them in the correct operating window to obtain the grip needed to regroup and overtake.

“On medium tires, it was difficult for Valtteri to get close to the other cars, He was suffering from a high temperature This deficiency, especially at the start of the race, turned out to be a lack of stability.

When he got close to the other cars as far as was required to overtake, the front handle collapsed and he was unable to follow from a distance that would allow him to overtake. The other factor, in the intermediate period, is related to the DRS which was not active, and when you can go down the road, when you can activate it, you gain about 6-tenths of this combined effect. He was not available for Valtteri at that point. The main aspect was the minimum that it developed as it approached other carsOn the track, explains the engineering director.

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6-tenths lost to Lewis at the start of the Grand Prix

The first stage of the race where Lewis Hamilton’s problems were unframed in temperature. He ran the first mission on a medium and a few laps before the red flag on the slick rubber with the step of the outer bulkhead of the wing that was damaged by impacting the poles of the Tamburello variable, initially, in combat with Verstappen.

“Justice for George!” Hamilton rejoices

How does the damage affect performance? In the beginning it was a big lossBecause the pavement was held together by the strings of the pressure sensors that we use to measure the aerodynamic performance. With this part swinging it caused a big loss, About 6-tenths of a second per revolution.

Thankfully it broke down and cut the loss in half Then we saw a deficit of 2-3 tenths Throughout the mission on medium tires and in the first segment on medium tires. “

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