Borgotaro Hospital: Pasquale Gianluca Giuri is the new director of internal medicine

Pasquale Gianluca Giuri is the new Director of the Internal Medicine Operating Unit at Usl’s Santa Maria de Borgotaro Hospital.

The 50-year-old doctor takes the baton from Michele Michy, who continues to run the internal medicine operations unit at Vaio Hospital.

Ensure assistance for patients with all acute or chronic internal diseases, according to the most appropriate models, by maintaining the integration of the teams of the two medical units of the Borgotaro and Vaio Hospitals and by defining the hospital and regional pathways with the regional services of the hospital. Valli Taro and Ceno District are the main objectives assigned to the new director to ensure maximum continuity and quality of assistance to citizens.

“The specialty achieved by Dr. Giuri – says Giuseppina Frattini, director of the hospital unit at Usl di Parma – is certainly a resource for our two hospitals and for the company and also for the integrated work with the infectious disease specialists of the company for the new director My best wishes for a good job on my own behalf and on behalf of the company’s management. To Michele Meschi – continues Frattini – Sincere thanks for what he has done at the head of the two internal medicine units, for his competence, professionalism and tireless efforts, especially in this period of the epidemic.Thank you also and above all for creating an organizational model that guarantees and continues to ensure the presence of the specialists from his team in both the company’s hospitals “.

Born in Lecce, Giuri after graduating in medicine and surgery specializing in infectious diseases and specialty courses in infectious diseases, ultrasound diagnostics in internal medicine and vascular ultrasound diagnostics, as well as management training courses for managers of simple structures and complex structures.

For 17 years he worked for the local health authority in Reggio Emilia, where he gained extensive experience in all the departments in which the Internal Medicine Operating Unit is divided. From 2017 until this new position, he was Director of Infectious Medicine at Hospital Santana in Reggio Emilia.

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