Borgomanero gym moves to the park: “Dire situation, let’s go again”

If you can’t come to the gym to train or work out, why not just go outside to the lawn? The idea comes from Borghumanero gym owner Gianluca Tosi, who this morning – March 5 – will try to experiment: gathering in the green area near the building of the equipment enthusiast Via Cadorna, who are doing so in these months of the pandemic. They were not able to pursue their hobby.

“I thought about inviting everyone who wanted it to a free trial; Obviously – says Tosi – we’re going to do some exercises without machines because they’re a bit heavy to move, but there will be everything you need to enjoy. We will put on the lawn all the different tools for the functional departments with the help of qualified cadres.

Tosi assures that everything will happen in a sign of strict observance of the rules. “Masks are absolutely mandatory for everyone, and there will be no problems with spacing, because the green space is very large and thus allows you to do every possible exercise at a safe distance from others, much greater than that provided by the ordinances.” The idea of ​​moving abroad was born after a difficult period for the gyms: “Our problem is there for everyone to see. We do not have practically any contributions while the management and rental costs of the buildings have to be paid. Personally, I am fortunate enough not to have a very large gym and so the rent is not high, but I know many colleagues who are having a lot of difficulty. We will need to recognize sports like gyms as a very beneficial tool for health, as they allow you to stay active and fit. However, there has been no such recognition and the group faces a particularly difficult situation. I thought the gym could be organized in a different way, and even fun, because I’m lucky enough to have such a large garden next to it. But the operators hope they can reopen. ”

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