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Border crisis for Biden

Donna Immigration Center, Texas – Reuters

Joe Biden is also facing a humanitarian scandal on the southern border of the United States. A series of harsh photos depicting unacceptable detention conditions for children arriving alone embarrassed the US President, who yesterday promised to go to the border with Mexico and use hotels to house the new arrivals. Although he has already taken the first steps towards a more humane immigration policy, the new president of the White House must manage a massive influx of arrivals on the border with Mexico, and with the fallout from his decision not to immediately return arrested minors. on his own.

The reception is crowded:

Minors locked up in cells

After 72 hours submitted

Coinciding with the events that led to the collapse of centers on the borders, it attracted criticism from the right (starting with Donald Trump) and parliamentarians from his party to the Democratic administration. In fact, it was Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar who took dozens of photos during a visit to the immigration center in Donna, Texas, and who turned it over to the agency. AxiosWho put them on the Internet. The photos show more than 400 children crammed into rooms for up to 260 people. Others are piled on mattresses on the floor, wrapped in heat-insulating aluminum blankets, and many others stand.

Donna Immigration Center, Texas

Donna Immigration Center, Texas – Reuters

The Biden administration prevented the media from documenting the visit of representatives of Congress and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorcas, but Cuellar decided to announce the “terrible” conditions for children and asked the Health Department to correct the situation immediately.

More than 3,314 minors have been locked up in border guard cells for more than 72 hours, and according to the law, they must be assigned to social services. More than 2,000 were held for more than five days, and more than 800 for 10 days. Yesterday, about twenty thousand immigrants were registered in the border detention centers.

Donna Immigration Center, Texas

Donna Immigration Center, Texas – Reuters

The system of reception centers and foster families, who have to take care of minors while waiting for a relative to be located, cannot in fact maintain the rhythm of the flow at the border, which is the most consistent in the past twenty years (except for a short peak in 2019). The increase is due in part to Biden’s promises to find solutions to the immigrants’ problem and absorb more refugees.

“These are not places for children,” Mayuras admitted, stressing the difference with the previous administration: “We do not expel boys and girls aged 5, 7 and 9, and we send them back to the Mexican desert so that they end up in the hands of traffickers.” Meanwhile, the US Immigration Agency announced that it has signed a $ 86.9 million contract with Endeavors, a non-profit organization in San Antonio (Texas), to provide 1,239 beds and other services to immigrants. The NGO, along with other nonprofits, will run “Family Welcome Sites” at hotels in Texas and Arizona.

Mayoras also confirmed that the border with Mexico is also still closed to asylum seekers due to the epidemic and discouraging South American immigrants, especially minors, to reach the border now. He concluded by saying, “We are trying to build an organized and humane way to meet the needs of children.” But Trump criticized Mayoras himself, accusing him of not being able to lead the department and calling for an “immediate congressional investigation” into his work and the alleged order that would prevent border officers from giving interviews.

The former president, whose successor was accused, “the only way to put an end to the crisis on Biden’s borders is for them to admit their total failure and take effective and proven Trump action,” accusing his successor of deflecting his success for a few weeks. Its anti-immigrant policy is in a “national disaster.” Meanwhile, Biden confirmed that he will soon go to the border and that his administration is working to enable asylum seekers in the United States to apply directly from the countries in which they live.

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