Booming in orders from all over the world

100 thousand requests –

Airbnb’s announcement of a free one-year stay in Sicily has generated huge media resonance, as evidenced by more than 100,000 applications received in just a few weeks from all over the world. among these,

22% from the US population, 15% from Argentina, 10% from India, 8% from Mexico and 5% from the United Kingdom

, but there were also requests from countries such as Canada, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand, China and Japan. The initiative is also linked to the possibilities that smart work offers today.

An initiative targeting “digital nomads” –

Just a few days ago it was approved with

Decree “Sostegni-ter”

modify it

Presents the “Digital Nomad” number in our legal system

o Remote workers, who are defined as “nationals of a third country, who perform highly efficient work through the use of technological tools that allow them to work remotely or for a company not residing in the territory of the Italian State”. “We repeat the total


To Minister Garavaglia to work together

To make the destination of Italy more attractive

for these new travelers through specific programs” – Giacomo Trovep, Country Director of Airbnb Italy comments in front of the huge success of the home in Sambuca.

The initiative –

The one-euro house is part of a larger Airbnb project

To promote conscious tourism that looks to small Italian villages

, four properties in the villages of Civita di Bagnoregio (Lazio), Lavenone (Lombardy), Civitacampomarano (Molise) have already been converted into residences for artists. The Sambuca house has also been renovated on three levels: it now embodies the charm of historic Sicilian architecture and the comfort of contemporary design. Once the renovations are complete, Airbnb has opened apps around the world to give a person and their family the opportunity to live as a digital nomad for a year at home, and also become a host by renting on one or more platforms.

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value village –

“From the sale of houses for 1 euro, which was repeated this year with a second call for bids, an economic investment estimated at no less than 25 million euros, between direct and indirect, arose, giving a breath of fresh air to businesses and handicrafts, trade and the productive weaving of Sambuca ” Sambuca Mayor Leo Ciaccio and Vice Mayor Giuseppe Cassiobo, the creator of the initiative, confirmed. “But above all, the restoration of these buildings restored the beauty and decor of our historic center, and it became an example of urban renewal for many other villages.”

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