Bonus TV, to change the old TV 100 euros until the end of 2022 – FAQ

Bonus TV, we change: the race for the €100 reward will start soon to change your old TV and buy a new device compatible with the new broadcast standards of the new generation of the digital earth. The transition will secure space for a new service: 5G. Technically, it’s about moving to the non-advertising DVBT-2/HEVC standard that will enter service in 2022. Experts say it should ensure better quality, higher resolution and a new codec standard for video compression. In addition to the technical specifications, to get the reward, the Italians must be very fast: the amount allocated in fact is barely enough to cover a quarter of potential orders and the fund will be exchangeable until the resources are exhausted, except for the last- a minute refinancing.

TV Bonus: Deadline is December 31, 2022

The rules of engagement for the race are known, we wait for the start while the Ministry of Economic Development and Economy waits for the publication of the implementation procedure for the rule contained in the Sosteni Decree. Then the start date will be set, while the deadline is already known: December 31, 2022. But the resources for this transition to a smarter TV are scarce. The bill is issued quickly: the cap on the measure is set at 250 million euros.

Valid for TVs purchased before 2018

If all 9 million TV owners purchased before 2018 (Auditel-Ipsos estimate) decide to ask for a discount, then 900 million euros will be needed. With the current figure, a quarter of potential applicants, the 2.5 million citizens with old television, were barely covered. That’s not all: to get €100 (a very low figure considering that new devices start at least twice as expensive), you’ll need to prove that you’re an Italian, have paid the RAI fee regularly (now in the bill) and scrapped an old TV. Passage of scrap will have two ways: either hand it over to the retailer giving the discount or take it to an approved landfill that will issue a certificate to take to the retailer.

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What is HEVC encoding?

For non-technical TV owners but changing who want to learn more, HEVC is short for High Efficiency Video Coding, a High Efficiency Coding Standard that supports videos up to 8K resolution. DVB T-2 allows up to 50% of the transmission capacity for the same band and was chosen to free up the 700MHz band for handover to telephone operators for 5G.

I see unlimited TV reward

This type of incentive will not include ISEE submission. Basically, there will be no limits, other than being able to only order one per household. The time of year is a little more than was necessary to facilitate the transition. Previously, the TV bonus was awarded only with the introduction of ISEE: up to 20 thousand euros, the “discount” was 50 euros (not even 100 as the new implementation decree will provide).

How to claim the TV reward

Previously, to gain the advantage, it was sufficient to present a self-defined certification to the TV retailer, in which you declare that you meet the requirements (Isee roof under 20mile) to be able to purchase a decoder or DVB-T2 TV of any size. Now no forms or self-certifications have been submitted yet, waiting for the ordinance to become a reality, but since it is not necessary to submit an ISEE, the passage should be simpler, without prejudice to the limitations of being able to take advantage of only one bonus per family unit.

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