Bonus for those on rent 2021: How to save

Also from the tenant I can lead You work at home And ask the neighbor bonus for every save. It’s usually the landlords who decide to make the renovations, but that’s not an obligation.

Tenants can decide to do the work in the home they rent, of course In agreement with the owners.

Let’s see what bonuses even those who live in rent can ask for.

Renovation and furniture bonus also for tenants

Renovation bonus can also be requested by tenants: It is a building renovation work by taking advantage of 50% deduction from personal income tax within 96,000 euros of spending.

In addition to the deduction on your tax return, you can choose to transfer the credit or debit to the invoice (if the company doing the work agrees).

The restructuring bonus is related to the furniture and appliances bonus, which is a 50% deduction from the amount spent up to a maximum of 16,000 euros.

The green bonus can also be claimed by tenants. It consists of an IRPEF deduction of 36% on costs incurred for housing and building:

  • Hardware or fences
  • irrigation systems;
  • Wells;
  • green roofs;
  • Hanging Gardens.

The green bonus also covers the purchase of plants or shrubs and compensates the gardener who took care of the large pruning. The maximum spend is 5,000 EURTherefore, the maximum discount that can be obtained is 1,800 euros.

For the mobile bonus, as well as the green bonus, it is not possible to choose the discount on the bill or the transfer of the balance.

Facade bonus and 110% additional bonus for rentersستأجر

Those who live in rent are also entitled to the interface bonus, which allows you to achieve تحقيق Recovery or recovery interventions For the exterior facade of existing buildings, of any cadastral category, even automated buildings.

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In particular, works accepted at a discount of 90% without spending limits are normal maintenance work related to opaque facade structures, balconies, trim and cornices.

This means that the interventions for which a facade bonus can be requested are those of exterior cleaning and painting, but with restrictions on spaces and type of work.

Space for the tenant also for the super bonus 110%, which is the tax benefit that allows energy redevelopment work to be carried out or seismic risk reduction (ie “improved” environmental bonuses and seismic bonuses).

For these rewards, you can choose between balance transfer, bill deduction or rebate.

Bonus for tenants: from air conditioner to boiler with environmental bonus

Those living in the rental can also request the “normal” environmental bonus, an IRPEF or IRES discount at rates ranging from 50 to 75% based on the types of interventions.

The bonus is paid in the form of a reduction in tax payable, in 10 annual installments of the same amount, but you can also choose to transfer credit and debit to the invoice.

Regarding the environmental bonus, there are other bonuses that tenants can ask for: from boiler support to air conditioner support.

The important thing is, it is better to repeat this, that the owners of the property give their consent to carry out the works.

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