Bonus, 3500€ incentive if you make this move with your car: don’t miss it

Incentives have arrived to favor the transition from internal combustion engines to electric motors. Thus, the bonus is available to activate the electric retrofit, so that you can convert your car into a vehicle with a battery! But by what means can they take advantage of this bonus of 3,500 euros? Here is all the information about her!

3,500 euros reward for electrifying your car –

A government contribution of 3,500 euros to entice as many people as possible to switch to electricity. How? By converting your car from an internal combustion engine to an electric motor. At the moment the motorcycle cannot be converted, as there is no law on this thing. However, conversion to electricity is available for many vehicles. Let’s see which ones!

The bonus activation decree on the so-called electrical retrofit is finally possible. There have already been announcements about the implementation of the 2022 budget law, but now An executive decree confirmed everything. Millions of Italians will be able to benefit from this precious state incentive!

Let’s say right away that the maximum incentive is 3,500 euros. In fact, it will not be possible to exceed 60% of the expenses with the contribution. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility and the Ministry of Economic Development decided to facilitate the transition of many people from polluting cars to electric cars. But what vehicles can be converted into electricity with this contribution? Who can do it? What is the deadline for claiming the reward?

This is to contribute to facilitating the transition to your car’s electricity!

$14 million has been allocated to this important environmental initiative. The methods used in this process are many. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility mentioned – in a note – what means can be involved in this step. This is what it reads: “Vehicles affected by this electric conversion bonus range from vans to transport people, to vehicles with more than eight seats, to cargo vans. (Classes M1, M1G, M2, M2G, M3, M3G, N1 and N1G) originally registered with an internal combustion engine converted into vehicles with an electric motor”. The transition will also affect all cars.

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This is the state’s bonus for electric modernization: everything you need to know – Motori.News

Who can apply for the scholarship? Since November 10 (Law No. 156 of November 9), it has been made available to anyone who has installed a system on their vehicle for switching from an internal combustion engine to an electric one. And the Deadline for redeeming the bonus? The last date will expire at the end of the year on December 31, 2022!

To apply, anyone interested will have to go online on a platform that will be created and managed by Consap for the occasion. The Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility (Mims) will inform you shortly on the exact date when you can connect to the IT platform!

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