Bolsonaro threatens to use the military against anti-COVID restrictions

AGI – Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro, has threatened to use the military to ensure order in the event that the restrictions put in place by rulers to curb the spread of Covid promote “chaos”.

“If we encounter problems, we have a plan. I am the supreme commander of the army,” he added Our army, if necessary, is ready to take to the streets One day to implement Article 5 of the constitution, “which refers to individual freedoms,” he said during an interview with “A Critica” TV network.

Bolsonaro He returned to challenge the restrictive measures adopted by most of Brazil’s rulers in response to the new wave of the Coronavirus that has plagued the country to kneel.

IThe president described the quarantine as “ridiculous” and “cowardly” behavior.Imprisonment and curfew. Then the far-right leader specified that he did not want to give further “details” about his work plan, but confirmed that he had already discussed it with his 23 ministers.

Brazil has recorded more than 386,000 deaths and 14.2 million injuries since the start of the epidemic, with frightening numbers and only fewer than those recorded by the United States and India.

Bolsonaro has consistently underestimated the severity of the coronavirus, which he has repeatedly called “gripecita” (“influenza”), and his management of the health crisis in and out of the country has been questioned. So much so, that the Carioca Senate plans to start a special committee that was formed next week To investigate possible “omissions” To the government.

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