Bokeh Game Studio posted the first horror picture for creator Silent Hill and Siren –

Bokeh Game Studio First published picture Iconic horror movie silent HillSiren, Gravity Rush, Kiichiro Toyama. The game has no name yet and it is currently scheduled to be in 2023 on all platforms.

Not only will Keiichiro Toyama be at the head of the project, but also veterans like Junya Okura, the lead designer for the Gravity Rush series, and Kazunobu Sato, the lead designer of the Puppeteer, the inspiring PS3 game.

Keiichiro Toyama said he ran away from Sony because he wanted to keep making games his way and that’s why he founded Bokeh Game Studio. The first game created will be a Action adventure In the colors of horror.

However, in an old interview, Toyama said that this game should also be fun and exciting players, and it should not only frighten them. However, the first photo spread isn’t meant to be intimidating: you see an odd picture creature Below, complete with trumpets and wings. Behind you you can see a kind of altar, with a pattern that does not bode well.

Moreover, the colors are dark with different shades of red. Although the stroke doesn’t look very realistic, we don’t want to be in the scene shown in this diagram. We’ll stay, of course, in waiting From every update on this project is interesting.

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