Boiler alternative for expensive bills

A geothermal heat pump boiler represents an ideal compromise for long-term savings. But with a basic limitation.

This is not the first time we find ourselves facing moments of rising cost of living. You’ve never liked this time, though, and it’s the sum of the factors that make all the difference. Imposing a serious reflection on the coming winter.

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Pending the promised action, the only real strategy for consuming energy costs appears simple, if decisive. Be careful using light and (especially) gas. Also because, at present, the only real plan is the local rationing plan, i.e. lowering one degree of internal temperature and Low ignition hours for heaters. In practice, the real reduction in bills will depend on the prudence of users. And it probably wouldn’t actually be enough to lighten the weight increases, or at any rate, significantly. Of course, there will be an alternative solution. Or rather, a path parallel to that of the classic boiler, aimed at ensuring long-term savings.

Gas boiler, in fact, represents the standard method of managing consumption, practically for all apartments. Unless you choose the granule method, that’s another matter. There are many boilers, and many of them allow greater savings than ordinary boilers. Those who have biomass for example, which use wood or other similar derivatives as fuel. Of course, it would be a good solution but only if you have enough space to store fuel, in this case wood. Not to mention it’s not a standalone device but needs to be charged at least every 6 hours.

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In any case, there is no shortage of alternatives. Speaking of boilers, a geothermal heat pump, a heating device powered by underground or by ground water, has had some success recently. basically, Use the natural temperature of the local temperature. A crucial contribution could come from the thermal solar panel system, which aims to ensure heating as well as hot water production. This is because the sun, through the solar panels, directly increases the temperature of the water in the heating circuit. The proposed solutions certainly require significant expenditures, and for this reason, Offering privileges It becomes necessary so that the path to sustainability can truly be followed.

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Also because an instrument such as a geothermal heat pump boiler can be framed in all respects within the framework of renewable energy. Above all, it guarantees tangible results in terms of economic savings and, at the same time, a significant reduction in the use of fossil fuels. Therefore, the environment will benefit by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Savings that will last in the long run This, for this reason, will certainly amortize costs but only through savings on the bill. There are concessions, even with a significant spending cap: €54,545.45 per property unit for solar panel installation, with a maximum deduction of €60,000 allowed. With weather conditions restrictions. Certainly not the details.

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