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*** Boeing-Airbus: London gets from Washington to raise tariffs on British products

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) – Milan, 04 March – The British government announced an agreement with the US administration for Joe Biden to end tariffs on British products, such as Scotch whiskey, imposed by Donald Trump in connection with the dispute. Between Airbus and Boeing.

British Foreign Trade Secretary Liz Truss announced on Twitter that this deal removes 25% of Washington’s tariffs on Scotch whiskey, cashmere and other commodities and provides some kind of “cooling” in the dispute between aircraft manufacturers. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spoken of “great news” from Scottish whiskey distilleries to Stilton (cheese) producers, the US move to suspend tariffs on some UK exports will benefit companies from across the UK. European aircraft manufacturer Airbus and its US rival Boeing, and through them the European Union – of which the United Kingdom was a part – and the United States, have entered since October 2004 before the World Trade Organization regarding public aid to both groups and considered them illegal. In October 2019, the United States was allowed to tax nearly $ 7.5 billion (6.8 billion euros) of imported European goods and services each year, the largest penalty the United States has ever imposed. After the British government failed to try to reach an agreement with the previous Trump administration, the turning point now comes.


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