bobsleigh, world cup 2022-2023. Francesco Friedrich is a mystical entity, like Edwin Moses and Michael Jordan – or iSport

there Bobsleigh World Cup It has already started that way again, because for the first time after the pandemic we will be back racing in America. The first three stages of the season will actually be split between Canada and the United States (Whistler Mountain He will repeat the new season, after which he will move to Park City And the The lake is calm), while Europe will enter the scene from January. Triple date in Germany (Winterberg And the Double header to me Altenburg) to the World Cup St. Moritz. Finally, it will close in feb between Eagles (Austria) e Sigulda (Latvia).

What are the oldies 2022-23 in field of men? Only one, because we are witnessing authenticity embodiment of discipline. It is a dynamic that is triggered when the athlete is enjoying it This excel Compared to opponents to allow him to express himself in his own dimension. This is exactly what you do Francis Friedrichwho can now make a full judgment “Der bobsport bin ich”or “I am Bob”, just to paraphrase the legendary “L’État, c’est moi!” Sun King.

It is necessary to explain what a scope is “Friedrich Phenomenon”. During the 2018-2022 Olympic Games it was played 72 Competitions between the Olympics, the World Cup and the World Cup. The so-called “first level”. Well, the German has his way 58thus holding a percentage of claims higher than80%! Expanding the horizon, one will realize how undefeated he has been in competitions with medals snatched since 2016. Moreover, Saxon has already begun to gain weight successes, hence his bulletin board is full of gold medals and crystal balls.

Winter sports, when will the 2023 World Cup be? It starts in January and ends in May! All dates

What characters can we compare Friedrich with? If we want to stay in the field of winter sports, Ingemar should be mentioned stenmark or Therese goog. If we’re talking about athletics, we’ll have to look at Edwins Musa At 400 hurdles or at Iolanda Pallas in the high jump. If we venture into cycling, it will come to mind Eddy Merckx. If we then venture into team sports, we will encounter an equivalent Michael Jordan in basketball. It is agreed that bobsleigh is narrower in scope, and therefore has less competition. However, the parallelism is the result of the fact that each of the aforementioned has become so great in their sport that they have been singled out as their own synonym. Moreover, whether the pop is big or small, Nothing like it has ever been seen In the history of a major that now has a competitive tradition secular.

It’s all clear Sooner or laterAnd the It will be over. The question is whether the 32-year-old from Altenberg will welcome the company as the undisputed number 1 when he gets there. exhausted to dominate far and wide, or if anyone would be able to I put it. At the moment, the second hypothesis seems unlikely. There are no concrete alternatives on the horizon. Indeed, competition at the top level looks set to wane, with Canadian Justin Krebs and Austrian Benjamin Mayer both retired, while Russia’s Rotislav Gaitokiewicz has been banned by his passport. Versatile Johannes is still in business LochnerBrian Hall And the Oscars kibermanesbut for years, each of them had to content themselves with eating the crumbs left on the plate by the cannibals.

Finally, a few words aboutItaliaAfter a leading role in the twentieth century, it was forced to play a marginal role in the twenty-first century. No high ambitions for 2022 either. Indeed, there are no ambitions at all except to survive Hoping to return to take a place in the sun one day or another. Hoping not to have to wait for the 22nd century.

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