Bnl, Goitini the first woman to lead a large bank in Italy –

Elena Patrizia Guitini will be the first woman to head a large Italian bank, BNL Group, Bnp Paribas. It will be a shareholder meeting in April that will appoint the current head of the Private Banking and Wealth Management division as CEO to replace Andrea Munari. For Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, an institution founded in Rome in 1913, among the first in Italy with 2.5 million private clients, choosing to contact a woman at her head isn’t the only big news. The change at the top also concerns the presidency with a departure from the scene twenty years after Luigi Appete, the Romanian businessman ex-president of Confindustria, who left the position to Monari himself, currently in April, again on the occasion of the Budget Assembly. .

Luigi Abete, who has held the position of President since 1998 – it was announced in a memo – had already communicated his desire to leave the position to dedicate himself to chairing the Lewis School of Business as well as new commitments and initiatives. Jean-Laurent Bonnaf, CEO of Bnp Paribas Group, thanks Abete and Munari for the great contribution that has been made over the years in Bnl and in the group. Luigi Abete has been essential, from the start, to achieve the merger of BNL into Bnp Paribas and the inclusion of the bank in the international context of the group, preserving the historical identity of Bnl and making it an integral part of Bnp Paribas’ DNA. Linked to him through appreciation and sincere friendship, I thank him in advance for the additional contribution he will also make to the group as President of the Bnl Foundation. Andrea Munari – continues Bonnaf – has done an excellent job of re-positioning Bnl according to the group’s standards and has brought greater synergies and stronger integration between the businesses of companies operating in Italy. I congratulate him on his new and prestigious position as he will continue to make valuable contributions to enhance the leadership of the Bnp Paribas Group.
Elena Patrizia Guitini, Milan, 51 years old, Bocconia, started her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He joined Bnl in 2019 after having held various positions at Unicredit both in Italy and abroad and in particular in Germany, Austria, Turkey and Poland. Head of Domestic Markets Thierry Laborde said he is very proud to have BNL led by a woman with broad and standardized experience in banking jobs, who has gained both in international contexts and in large groups. I am so confident he can continue the full success of Bnl with all his excellent and appreciated squad. For the group, gender equality and inclusion are deep-rooted values ​​that must be realized daily through concrete actions. I am sure that Andrea Munari and Elena Patricia Guitini will be able to better manage the new challenges that are profoundly changing the way banking works.

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