BMW goes against the trend and develops new internal combustion engines

The investment plans of most car manufacturers go in the direction of electricity. Manufacturers, also prompted by a possible future ban on the sale of heat-absorbing models, are declaring schedules from which they will not sell gasoline and diesel cars in some markets. There were also many announcements regarding the discontinuation of the development of new generations of internal combustion engines.

BMW He chose to take a slightly different path, I decided to continue developing new generations of gasoline and diesel engines. Frank Webber, Director of Development at BMW, spoke with Auto Motor und Sport about the arrival of a car The new 7 series that will also be electricThey explained that they are also working on new six-cylinder and eight-cylinder endothermic engines.

With many car markets likely not to be fully electrified by 2030, the BMW executive believes models with combustion engines will still be in demand. Therefore, according to WeberBMW will continue to build highly efficient gasoline and diesel engines for new cars for many years to come.

will be around Latest payment engines, very cleaner To comply with increasingly stringent regulations regarding polluting emissions. In particular, Weber promises to make a huge leap forward in the next generation of 6-cylinder engines.

By using the six-cylinder engine alone, we are reducing CO2 emissions further than ever before through a generational change.

So this data Confirmation of what was said a few months ago Also from Frank Webber when he stressed that there will be a future for endothermic vehicles and that they will continue to invest in these engines. As it appeared some time ago, this will be the latest investment by the German manufacturer in this direction. So it will be interesting to discover this new generation of heat-sucking engines more efficiently and cleaner than we will see in the future on the cars of the German brand.

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Of course, BMW is pursuing its electrification plans at the same time. Many new battery-powered models will arrive in 2022. It is impossible not to remember that the new device will debut in 2025. piattaforma new category, which will be the basis for most of the manufacturer’s future cars, including electric cars.

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