BMW Concept XM: a revolution in the automotive world

window to the future An important piece for you future BMW will unveil it, in a couple of days, at the American Art Basel Show, scheduled for December 2-4 in Miami. Among the many modern and contemporary artworks by emerging artists, the Bavarian house is ready to unveil a completely different (and bolder) prototype compared to the latest cars born under the fan sign. A car designed to break the mold and compete with ultra-high performance SUVs like the Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX. over there BMW called her XM . Concept, betting on the taut lines and absurd geometric patterns that emphasize every centimeter of the bodywork: the sharp, muscular shapes that should characterize, perhaps a little, the final model, which Produce In the sections of the American factory in Spartanburg – where the Munich manufacturer assembles almost the entire assembly with raised wheels – you should start from end of 2022.

50 YEARS OF BMW MOTORSPORT DESIGN Exactly fifty years after introducing the Turbo Concept, the inspiration that was BMW Motorsport’s first brand in 1978, the M1, the propeller company aims to set a new standard of excellence in terms of performance, enjoyment and driving pleasure. And he does so with a car that is as far removed from the traditional canons of high-performance BMWs as deeply rooted in the imagination of enthusiasts as the M3 and M5. It’s hard to look at the first pictures of BMW Concept XM Branching out of the house, define the kinship with the high-performance sisters currently in production, because the appearance – starting with the giant double kidney, which extends almost the entire width of the nose – is brand new, detached from any reference to the stylistic code, already deeply renovated In connection with the recent past, for the Bavarian house.

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It will only be a hybrid plug – CEO of the Motorsport division, Francescus van Mel, the new BMW Concept XM It encapsulates all the elements of technology and style needed to “rethink the high-performance automobile sector”. From the pillars of the official memo in which the German manufacturer reviewed the first information about the car, BMW M Number One, addressing enthusiasts, speaks of the “ultimate driving experience”, explaining how the BMW Concept XM is also “a decisive step towards the progressive electrification of our brand” .Under the large front cover, along with the engine V8 petrol High performance electric motor operated, for one person Energy declare 750 CVs With a maximum torque of 1,000 Nm, the rechargeable hybrid system, called the M Hybrid, promises an electric range of about 80 kilometres.

Cool design – Emphasizing that the style of BMW Concept XM Both come with something never seen before in Munich straight from Home Design Director, Domagoj Dukec: “With this car we wanted to make an extravagant statement by going straight into the heart of the luxury car segment. For the BMW Concept XM, we created a unique, never before done model identity. BMW M. The rims, dihedral and ribs that sculpt the body of the car are also found inpassenger compartment, which has a slightly more traditional shape. The steering wheel looks like that of many regular BMWs, and the driver-oriented dashboard, with a large full-width screen and a large passenger handle, prefigures a rather realistic layout. But the most interesting are the seats, especially the rear pair: the model that will see the lights of the assembly line, most likely, will adopt a more classic sofa.

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