Blue is multiracial. USA and a lot of Africa kick off the games

Let’s have a nice trip around the world with our boys. Yes, with Italmondo designed by Azzurri who will play in Tokyo. Italy presents itself in great numbers: 384 athletes, how many at all. But, despite the gnawing of the English, after the victory of European football, it was widely distributed over a beautiful world. And without thinking about the color of the skin: it is no coincidence that Paula Igono represents us in front of the Olympic flag. It is best, on the other hand, to enjoy flag-growing in this borderless Italy. Softball girls are inviting American slang, even if I gave way to Americans yesterday. After all, are we or not? Let’s say Marcel Jacobs represents an evolution. Our so-called globalization speaks of those who were born in Italy or who came after living elsewhere. Some have Italian grandparents or parents, some have married and some have acquired citizenship in recent years. Nicholas James Ponzio, a San Diego-born weightlifter, just arrived there in June. The globe accounts for about 15% of the expedition: 59 athletes, in all likelihood, accounts at hand, is a record. About half are in athletics.

That’s right, perhaps we lack a little East: not Japan, China and the like. We fished Keri Tontodonati from Australia, a canoeist born in Canberra, married to a discipline technician, and fostering an athletic family also looking to walk (Federico). The strong group comes from Africa: Morocco, Sudan, Eritrea, Nigeria which together with Paula Igono gives us a group of excellent girls in athletics. Then Ethiopia, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Tunisia and Ghana who brought us Yasmine Paolini, a black girl who speaks the Tuscan language, born in Castelnuovo Garfagnana, Italian from her father and having a mix of cultures from her mother: a little Polish and a little African. Africa is our mine: let us hope for gold, but even the lowest quality metal will suffice. Old acquaintances such as Fofana, born in Gavardo with parents from Ivory Coast, or Gloria Huber of Villafranca with parents from Ghana, or those who have rediscovered a new world here: Kripa and his brothers for example. Cuba gives us 4 actors and 3 great characters. Frank Chamizo, the combative son of a combative father left behind at the age of two, raised by his grandmother because his mother lived in Spain, has survived much adversity: now he is chasing an Olympic gold medal, after a bronze in Rio. Volleyball player Osmany Juantorena, his nickname is enough to say that he is the grandson of a great athlete. Finally, long-distance player Yadislide Pedroso. Not forgetting the talents of the Dominican Republic. Swimming and diving take us to Canada. Pietro Figlioli is the logo of Brazilian-born water polo. We have fished from the UK and diversified into Europe. Volleyball in the name of Ivan Zaitsev, an ace of Russian origin. Volleyball is our best mini train game, a mixture of Eastern European languages. In short, the Americas, Australia, Africa and Europe: this is the multicolored flag of Italy. And waving happiness in the face of the British.

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