Blue dogs spotted in Russia: possible causes of abnormal coloration

They suddenly appeared with their light blue fur near an abandoned factory that produces plexiglass. An association took them back, visited them, and two of them found a home.

Once upon a time there was only Pracobaldo, the kind man The dog is blue the hero of the story. Today, however, pollution can bring children’s entertainment to reality. But this is not a good thing.

For a few days, in fact, they wore around a net Pictures Alarming to say the least. At most Seven dogs It was spotted near Dzerzhinsk, 370 km east Moscow, With the The hair is completely colored light blue, Almost electric.

Although the first reaction to the sight of such a particular phenomenon may be surprising or fun, it is sufficient to think for a second to realize that this phenomenon Can represent Danger For these animals.

In fact, one of the main explanations for this color change is Potential exposure Of animals in Materials found in a former plant Abandoned for six years and located close to its production Reticulum H Hydrogen cyanide. Stray dogs are often found near the facility, where materials such as Copper sulfate. Maybe in a game moment, they might have turned on it.

For now, however, the Sanitary conditions Some animals appear Hassan. They were taken care of by an association Visit H Two of them It has already been done adopted.

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