Blue Box app will be available for preload at the end of July –

We are nearing the end of the linked puzzle abandoned Since there is a history of preload dell’app Officially related to the PS5 game, which will be available for download starting from 29 July 2021Unless this is also just another piece of the mysterious puzzle that seems to surround the production of the Blue Box.

We have seen in recent days that the application has been uploaded to the PlayStation servers, and now we also have a date by which the application can be preloaded, i.e. July 29, 2021, although this does not mean that this application will be usable. from that date.

Abandoned, the app appears available for pre-download from July 29 on the PS Store
Abandoned, the app appears available for pre-download from July 29 on the PS Store

Based on an update on the PlayStation Store, visible from the screenshot above, it appears to be a preloading system, which will allow you to have the app ready on your consoles when Blue Box and Sony decide to release the associated material. This. It’s still not entirely clear, but it looks like this app is for Trailers Show Related to the game, through a somewhat bizarre and rumored solution in recent days about a strange theory that was in fact abandoned to be a cover for another project, perhaps even a new Silent Hill by Hideo Kojima.

The various ideas in this regard are somewhat dismantled, but there is still great curiosity regarding this game, which was introduced months ago with a trailer like PS5 Exclusive. The abandoned app, which supposedly includes a new trailer, was supposed to launch in June, but the team then decided to delay the release to August, however the support software will be available for download from July 29.

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