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Bloodborne: A new game has been recorded in Australia, but it wasn’t what I expected

While online, we continue to discuss Possible return of Bloodborne on PC and PS5 With the tweet shared (and then removed) by Sony, a new brand of pageant appears from the pages of the Australian Patent Authority that references FromSoftware’s trending spirit. But appearances are deceiving…

As the editorial team rightly reports, the custodians of the official portal of the Australian Patent Office have updated their site to make room for an unusual new patent related, to some extent, to the role-playing masterpiece created by SCE Studio Japan and by the authors of The Dark Souls trilogy.

According to reports from the Australian government agency, Rock Great Games was to seek all commercial exploitation rights in the video game business. “Bloodborne Mobile”. On the other hand, from the portal in question, it is not possible to know whether the request made by the representatives of Rock Great Games was actually fulfilled or, on the contrary, it is still being evaluated.

A quick online search of the past activities of the company claiming to be working on Bloodborne Mobile yields no results, so we’d prefer not to throw ourselves into considerations that would, for the time being, be completely unnecessary. Pending further clarification from those directly involved, we leave you with our in-depth analysis Content cut by Bloodborne.

Update October 25, 6:25 PM – The “goliardic” purposes of Rock Great Games’ application to the Australian Patent Office were disclosed on social media by Wario64. In fact, the fictional app “Bloodborne Mobile” has appeared on the App Store, a program that simply re-proposes a gallery taken from the original PS4 version of Bloodborne.

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