Bloober team denied? not exactly! Commentary dusk golem

The ever-vigilant video game community recently made an interesting post related to Three unpublished projects mentioned in the Bloober Team curriculum.

I con nouns for “black”, “Dom Spiro” e “H20 “The latter, funded in part with EU funds, quickly caught the public’s attention, curious to learn more. In spite of Descriptions of the three Bloober Team games It didn’t particularly match the newer ones Rumors about the possible existence of Silent Hill In development at Software House (which recently signed a partnership with Konami), these sightings have not failed to fuel speculation.

To try to clarify the situation, Tomash Zawlikowski, CMO of the Bloober Team, statement to my editors IGN USA. The latter has been generally interpreted as one Denial that Silent Hill is in development in Bloober Team. tale The explanation is not unanimous, however And it is challenged, for example, by well-known insiders dusk golem. In fact, by carefully analyzing Gawlikowski’s words, we learn the following:

  • H20 . project Over time it turned into Layers of Fear 2, launched in 2019;
  • The project black: The original project has been delayed, but the team is still working on a game with this codename. However, it is now a completely different title than had been anticipated in the initial project;
  • Dom Spiro Project It turns out that Useless at the moment, due to difficulties in reconciling the commercial appeal of the product with the issues that are its fulcrum. So the game is currently in a state of Suspension;

Finally, the statements continue cryptically, with A paragraph representing the fulcrum of the discussion Linked to the meaning of the lyrics of Bloober Team CMO. The latter confirmed that at present the software house is Working on two projects: “Both – is reading – She has above-average ambitions, however, None of it is based on foundations or places read online these days“Many have interpreted this last sentence as a reference to the increasingly persistent rumors about it the silent Hill.

However, context analysis – as urged dusk golem –, it is possible that Gawlikowski was referring again to Old project descriptions H20And the black e Dom Spiro. As proof of this, there will also be the words of the same editorial staff for IGN USA, who writes:It is understood that Gawlikowski has not provided any details about whether the studio is working on Silent Hill, or what the substance of the deal with Konami is.“.

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Finally, The fog on Silent Hill doesn’t look ready to lift yet, which leaves doubt about the actual existence of a new project linked to IP horror. Once again, the enthusiast community has nothing to do but wait and wait for any updates!

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