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Taher Shah and Qandeel Baloch got married




In a world where such theories are creating buzz, there should be no ‘awes’, ‘buts’ or ‘ifs’ over people like Taher Shah and Qandeel Baloch captivating around 7.6 Billion people worldwide.

Meanwhile, a question arises that what creativity is about? Doing something different is said to be a creative work and is considered as a success-mantra in this world but what one is driving out with his inventiveness is always left unread.

Qandeel and Taher Shah with their antics have roped in the limelight, and when they are questioned over what they are bringing is not a healthier one for people, they react in a way as they are with some strong aims or plead while saying that they are changing the image of Pakistan in eyes of people.

Amid all this a question arises, the image of Pakistan developed by Qandeel-Taher is appropriate or both ‘sensational’ stars should quit as early as possible.

Qandeel-Taher Story of love

When its their turn they are all over you, they are not just restricted on social media, they jump on to your TV screens, newspaper and even in between in your gossips.

Taher Shah

The ‘babe’ out of this story, I mean ‘Angel’ of this story of love, Taher Shah is a preacher who teaches you about the mankind, love, peace and all the good things. In his/her beautiful accent Shah playing angel in the song with his/her utmost inventiveness introduced a hairy-chest angel to the World. What a creativity!


The multi dimensional Angel recently announced that she is up with a Hollywood project, that too in English. With his creativity and in bid to change the pattern how people see Pakistanis, he has invented an English version and it would be hard to believe that it will also be in English. In his previous song ‘Eye to Eye’ he added some Sindhi to show his patriotism, but the only one who was patriotic enough could understand it rightly. The verse we are talking about is in Sindhi English,”It’s a genuine classic love.”

The other big news for Taher’s fans is that now he’ll be considering the offers being made for further projects, that means too much of creativity with a patriotic tarka (reshaping Pakistan).

Qandeel Baloch

To judge Qandeel Baloch’s charismatic personality you need to judge her from head to toe as just seeing her face you will be up with several questions that are so far a mystery, that is because of her diverse personality as her face look is one shade out of the 50 Shades of Qandeel.

She knows how to be in the news and like cheap small time models she never goes with wardrobe malfunction videos or images, she wrapped up in patriotic dupatta tries to go naked and that too for the betterment of the entire nation.

Her speaking skills are not hidden reality for some one, as she is one of the best speaker within her own. Especially her amalgamation of English in Urdu and discovering a new accent is her most notable work in the field. Like Taher, she is fond of paving her own path, and with aim of this she has discovered Urdu language with English beat, whereas Taher has added Sindhi version in English.

Ending note

As mentioned above, both are patriot, creative, changing image of Pakistan, and enjoying international media limelight, if they tie knot with each other then it can be beneficial  for Pakistan, even more than the Atomic bomb.

So you all should pray for their marriage if you want to assure bright future of Pakistan as they both are the real face of Pakistan, the remaining 20 crores have disappeared in thin air.

The enemies are also afraid of them as they call Taher Shah ‘Purple Bomb’ and Qandeel Baloch is famous within them for directly threatening their PM.



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