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Pak-Suzuki introduces GS150 SE (Special Edition) motorbike


To keep up in race of 150cc motorbikes in Pakistan, Pak-Suzuki has unleashed yet another product and that is the special edition of their popular motorbike moving on the roads, GS150.


With added features, GS150’s SE has just launched and Pak-Suzuki have officially told what to expect in this edition.

It will be relevant to mention here that eminent motorbikes manufacturing companies like Keeway and Benelli officially entered in Pakistani market this year, which surely rose the competition around.


Suzuki’s GS150 SE seems to be the perfect answer in responce of the prestigious companies entering Pakistani markets.

Suzuki’s GS150 SE (Special Edition) will include:

  • New front disc brake
  • New Graphics
  • New front fender
  • Alloy Rims
  • New Front shock absorber
  • New Rear Tire

And it is kept at price of Rs 158,500.



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