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5 Similarities between Veerappan and Chotu Gang chief Ghulam Rasool


The trailer of docu-drama ‘Veerappan’ was released yesterday, which gave a sneak peek into life of one of the most powerful bandit of Asia. The trailer was oozing with his notorious achievements, and deadliest activities. After watching it twice or thrice, I recalled that the latest in news Rajanpur bandit Ghulam Rasool aka Chotu possess several similarities.


For a while it seemed that the docu-drama was giving a view of the Chotu’s life, who have knocked down Punjab Police and is now battling with Pakistan Army.

Here we have brought some similarities between these criminals of India and Pakistan.

Joined gangs in teen age

  • Yes, Ghulam Rasool aka Chotu joined ‘Baba Lowng’ gang in his area, when he was around 15-years of age and that is why he is called ‘Chotu’ that means ‘Small Boy’.
  • On the other hand, Veerappan began his career in crime from quite early age as he was the one hailing from family of notorious poachers and sandalwood smugglers. Veerappan committed his first murder at age of 17.


The Sandalwood smuggler Veerappan used to hide in scrub and forests of Karanataka , Kerala and Tamil Nadu, similar to this Chotu and his gang reside in a river islands along Rajanpur district and also used to escape in the forest nearby when needed.


Political Support

  • Chotu hailing from a Mazari tribe used to work at tea stalls and have also spent his time working for local politicians. It is pertinent to mention here that, the areas Rajanpur is notorious for the landowners or one having political parties of utilizing the dacoits for their own sake, and in return solving out their issues with police and other law enforcement agencies. Sources tell that some well known political faces of the area have been backing the infamous gang chief.
  • After Veerappan came in power, Tamil nationalist organizations backed him, namely a political party named Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) is said to be directly supporting this mugger of Tamil. A Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu of that time is also called a sympathizer of Veerappan and his group.

Special operations designed against them

  • The Tamil Nadu Special Task Force was assigned to capture or kill Veerappan after failing to do so dozens of time. This operation was named Operation Cocoon, and after days of keeping eye on him, the special force killed Veerappan 18 October 2004 along with his two gang members.
  • Operation named Zarb-e Aahan was launched against Chotu Gang around 20 days back and after police couldn’t handle them the Army was brought in action. Up the latest, Army Operation is under way and Chotu along with gang is asked to surrender within the given time.

Left unconquered for decades

  • Beside several operations were conducted against Veerappan he spent overs 20 years with his peak time, he was killed at age of 52.
  • Chotu and his mates have been active in the region from long time, its been around 10 years when they kidnapped 12 Chinese engineers from nearby Indus Highway but due to some overwhelming pressure the bandits left the Chinese without taking ransom money but even after a this not any comprehensive strategy against Chotu Gang was organised.

To get in real view, watch Veerappan trailer.

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