Blessed Spring: Episode 1 from March 10, 2023

This evening, Friday, March 10, 2023, it will be broadcast opinion 1the the first episode By Benedetta Primavera, The One-Woman Show Loretta Jogiwho sees the post Luke and Paul.

The program is produced by Prime Time Rai Entertainment Department in collaboration with Blu Yazmine. The show is signed by Loretta Goggi, Martino Clericetti, Francesca Cucci, Salvo Guercio, Cristiano Rinaldi, Paola Vidani, Lorenzo Campagnari, Esther Viola and Massimiliano Cann, directed by Cristiano de Alisera.

Blessed Spring Episode 1 March 10: Previews

This evening, Loretta Joggi will return to television with a show of her own, with a title that recalls her greatest singing success, Cursed springIt consists of four installments.

In these episodes, Loretta Jogi will accompany Rai 1 viewers on a journey inside entertainment worldfor comparison Between the past and the presentDealing with a different topic in each episode.

Together with the guests, Loretta Jogi will remember and take part in the TV shows of the past Musical numbers and sketches And tradition.

The show’s artistic direction is coordinated by Laccio while the musical direction is by Maestro Valeriano Chiaravalle. Finally, the scenography by Marco Calzavarra.

Benedetta Primavera, Cast and Guests: Who are they?

within guests From the first batch we will find Heather Parisiwhich will recreate the atmosphere of the first edition of amazingand actress Claire Franchini.

During the first episode, there will also be “impossible duets”. on the stage, meta And Anna Tatangelo will duo with My martini And Whitney Houston. Loretta joggie will also talk about censorship and taboo words in the history of television with Bruno Vespa and politically correct with Marco Gellini. with Claudius AmendolaHowever, Loretta Jogi will cruise around the dramas of her past.

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Blessed Spring, Episode 1 March 10: Where to See It on TV and Live

It will be possible to follow Blessed spring Direct from 21:30 on opinion 1 And in streaming, on the RaiPlay website.

we TvBlog We will follow up on the date through our live blog.

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