Blackstone: After the guest win, homecoming

The first leg was played by RCS / Cairo at home and lost heavily (arbitration) and the match is now back in New York

June 30 came and went and everything went as I suppose in a recent article titled “Towards the Grand Final”: The first leg played by the Red Crescent / Cairo club at home and they lost heavily (arbitration) and now the return match in New York. Reinforced by the landslide victory in the arbitration award against RCS and Urbano Cairo, their defensive castle miserably collapsed based on a fictional premise of usury, which would have seen Blackstone (one of the world’s largest financial groups) in the role of loan shark and RCS in the role of victim, at the time of this second transfer To the US Fund, from Via Solferino . Building Held in 2013, Blackstone, through its attorney and by the June 30 deadline, requested an appeal against the trial against RCS and Urbano Cairo before the New York Supreme Court, which had previously been suspended pending an Italian arbitration award; In the language of football, the rematch has officially started.

A formal request to appeal the judgment with full confirmation by the Americans, even if Milan votes emphatically give a reduction in amounts and a restorative premise, from the amount of previously applied damages, or $300 million charged to RCS, for contractual damage caused by the failure to sell the aforementioned artifact Alianz Group, and $300 million owed by Urbano Cairo, for damages to the image as a result of conduct it maintains and translated into the lawsuit previously filed with the New York Supreme Court in a “Defamatory and Deliberate Interference” cOn the caller “insolent extortion”.
Accordingly, the total amount is 600 million dollars or 506 million euros, however it is wrong to refer to it as a whole, as I have read in many newspapers. In fact, half of this sum has its own right to contractual damages and is solely responsible for RCS, while the other half has its exclusive right to Urbano Cairo’s personal conduct; Even criminally relevant behavior (defamation and, in my opinion, defamation also in support of the usury hypothesis) with Relapse to compensate exclusively on the latter. In Italy, it would be within the classic non-contractual liability or better said by an illegal fact, referred to in Article 2043 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code, and the distinction, now, between two claims for compensation by Blackstone is certainly not insignificant, given the non-contractual nature of the claim made by Blackstone against Urbano Cairo, the attribution of which lies in the unlawful act of the natural person, I think the compensation made by the Board of Directors (appointed by him as majority shareholder) in RCS may be deemed null and/or ineffective; Compensation which, in addition to clearly detrimental to shareholders and savers, goes, according to the writer, beyond the powers and authorities of the board of directors.

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Going back to the bond that Blackstone filed yesterday in the New York Supreme Court, the information obtained from abroad tells me that it Verb nearing legal perfection, in more than 40 pages in which 139 exceptions (disputes) to Cairo’s work in the case are noted and explained with surgical precision. and that this act, a cornerstone of the process now, had fallen apart, and limited legal perfection, however, there was no doubt, given that it had been studied, prepared and drafted by one of the largest law firms in the world: the law firm KIRKLAND & ELIS LL B. An international law firm, founded in 1909 in Chicago, is today the law firm with the highest turnover in the world: $4.83 billion in 2020 (yes, you read that right: nearly $5 billion a year!), generated by 15 business The firm is spread across the USA, Europe and Asia, with more than 2,100 non-lawyer employees and 2,310 general attorneys.

And when we say working attorneys, it suffices to scroll through the names of those who have occupied the firm’s offices recently to be amazed at the very high standard expressed by his staff; Just to name a few: Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Former Obama Administration Counsel Neil Eaglestone, Former Federal Court of Appeals Judge Robert Burke, Clinton Administration Special Counsel Ken Starr, Former Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton, former United States Attorney General William Barr, and former White House Labor and Health secretaries Alexander Acosta and Alex Azar … names that make anyone shudder even when playing at home, if the game wants to be played in their home (New York Supreme Court), after they They lost the first leg at home (arbitration), you can’t even shake anymore… Just to make a comparison, studio Bonelli Erede Pappalardo, who assists Urbano Cairo and RCS and goes out to Italian arbitration, has sales in 2019 of $230 million.

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The only novelty, as to the original roots of the judgment suspended after said arbitration, is that Blackstone requested a meeting of the two suits in their place, Blaackston/RCS and Blacksone/Cairo, a clear and ordinary meeting by which in any event the two claims for compensation would not be honored.
Dear Brethren of Faith, for the time being I will stop here, but it will be my job to give you immediate information on this story, for now, in full progress, as soon as something happens. It will boil again in the pot…and I shall do so shortly, also in connection with the all-Italian case which Professor Paolo Savona, President of CONSOB, has opened on RCS/Cairo, and of which we are now aware of the opening of a file, with a request for balance payments in the Case of Judicial Defeat against Blackstone.

Finally, there are two lines to illustrate the communication path between RCS and Torino FC: RCS is controlled by Cairo Communication spa which in turn is controlled by UT Communication, a company that also owns (sole shareholder) Torino FC, which boasts a net worth of €164.75 million.

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