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Blackbeard X is among the most dangerous animals in Australia

on me D-Max it’s up Darkbird X. Starting Saturday, August 20, also broadcasting on Discovery+, the science caller and YouTuber will be the protagonist. 72 dangerous animals with Darkbeard XA journey to discover the most dangerous creatures in Australia, the country famous for its beautiful landscapes, tropical forests and paradise beaches: after the success little monstersa task Darkbird X It is knowing the dangers of the animals that live there.

In each of the twelve episodes, there will be at the center of the story six different animals including sharks, snakes, spiders and jellyfish: these will be included in an order that will take into account their danger and lethality towards humans, to choose, at the end of the twelve episodes, the most dangerous animal in Australia. From Johnson’s crocodile to the Dugite snake, through the platypus, Leuca shark and terrier spider to the Australian magpie. But also the cane toad, cobbler, Australian stinging caterpillars, western brown python, and water buffalo.

All these animals and many others will be told Darkbird XTaking into account the dangers that hide the places they host, and the danger of these animals towards humans. 72 dangerous animals with Darkbeard X Produced by Slim Dogs Production for Warner Bros. Discovery.

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