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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 175-185M in the US…

good news from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever And not only in Italy. The film actually opened with $84 million (including 28 Thursday night previews) in the US on Friday (the tenth best score ever for a debut day) and should close the weekend with a score of between $175 and $185 million (some argue it may have over 190 million).

It should be remembered that the original film, in 2018, began its adventure in the US with 202 million, so this segment should start with 10% less. However, we are at very high levels, looking only at 2022 Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness They achieved similar numbers (187 million).

Thanks to this movie, the US box office went from 60.8 million a week ago to around 219 million this weekend, which is good news for all of the exhibitors who have had tough months due to a lack of product.

In all other global markets, the film started at 64.7 million Wednesday through Friday and is expected to close nearly 140 m With today’s data, and thus the world’s first above 300 million. Currently, the largest acquisitions come from France (7.9 million), Mexico (5.3 million), the United Kingdom (4.9 million), South Korea (3.6 million) and Australia (3.2 million).

As for the rest of the arrangement, there are, overall, some interesting real estate. black Adam It took 2.7 million on Friday and should finish with 10 million on the weekend, down 45% (not small in absolute terms considering Veterans Day Friday, but with the arrival of Wakanda Forever it was also reasonable to expect an even bigger drop).

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Even better drop to Heaven ticket (-25%, thanks to the weekend of 6.3 million and total score of 56.7 million so far) e The talent of Mr. Crocodile (-9%, with 3 million others for a total of 40.6 million). Over 100 million in a week smilingwhich made another 2.2 million over the weekend and reached a total of 102.7 million.

For the Oscars, another interesting weekend Island spiritswhich beats 1.5 million (-25%) and a total of 5.6 million so far, while the range untilwhich has a total value of $8.1 million with $685,000 (-63%).

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