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black Adam

Spread Black Adam’s first official trailer Opened the promotional campaign for new line And the Warner Bros. Discovery For the movie based on anti-hero DC Comics interpreted by Dwayne JohnsonHer approach has already been widely suggested in the released video. In fact, Warner and New Line decided to base the first trailer on a high-action atmosphere, betting mainly on the lead actor, whose star power needs no complicated introductions.
as written Scott Mendelsohn in Forbes, Action movie star Black Adam has more fame than a superhero It plays, and this is the main element that the two disciplines will focus on in the four months of the promotional campaign before the theatrical release.
The video, precisely because Johnson’s character is instantly recognizable by the audience and thus is in and of itself a really powerful magnet for the attention of those unfamiliar with Black Adam’s character, implies proper relaxation and the need for an introductory trailer later and closing at all, possibly in August .
On that occasion, we will have the opportunity to better understand the presence of the Justice Society in the film, which from the first suggested details appears to be a kind of guardian of DC Comics’ anti-hero, especially in relation to Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan), while the character Sarah Shahiwho according to rumors should play the role of Isis, the central character in Adam’s evolution.
Another interesting element that was also briefly mentioned in the trailer, is the duality of Black Adam, a character in the comics always poised between good and evil, a factor that we analyzed some time ago, and that the video features in at least on two occasions. The fact that Adam kills on the spot is highlighted, as if he immediately wanted to clearly explain the character’s attitude towards anyone in front of him, and therefore immediately places behavioral bets even towards the audience who does not know the comic background. However, it will be interesting to see the development that the anti-hero will undergo in the film, and above all the future connections that he will have or not with the franchise. ShazamA sequel is expected to be shown in theaters only two months after this project.

Black Adam 1

miss. marvel

The first episode of Mrs. Marvell I mentioned, after the past few weeks she was mad moon knightan intense light of healthy entertainment and empathy and giving the audience the best appearance of a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) in hook.
I played Kamala Khan before Iman Villani It is in fact yet another example of exemplary acting, to which is added pleasant writing and a decidedly indifferent visual segment on the part of the directors, able to provide the series with its personal touch, which is quite different from what we have seen in recent times on Disney +.
Indeed, the choice to add animated sequences not only at the beginning of the first episode, but also during it to highlight the ideas and imagination in which this girl lives is one of the winning components and is able to create strong sympathy between the audience and the protagonist, characterized by strong sympathy but also incredible energy.
These factors are very important for a show that has strong and important connections to the next Captain Marvel movie, and unlike the last movie moon knight with Oscar Isaacemphasized by a very independent atmosphere compared to the rest of the MCU, we’re back to breathing in those sensations that reflect something larger and more coherent that in recent weeks has been as if set aside, crammed into a corner.

Mrs. Marvel 2

I grew up

Mark the launch I grew upWonderful® Pistachios, a series of original short films coming to Disney+, has launched in the USA, in partnership with Marvel Studios, the campaignGroot gets the krakenTo show off the vegan protein power of the wonderful pistachio. The promotion, which will clearly see the Guardians of the Galaxy character as the hero, will run on a wide range of platforms including TV, digital and social media with national prize competitions, events involving fans and products on sale through August 31.
The marketing campaign began with the launch of a dedicated 15-second TV spot that will be broadcast on small screen TV, live, digital and social and in select US theaters.

Whether you’re battling aliens or have afternoon cravings, fabulous pistachios are a healthy and delicious treat that will make anyone crazy want to dance – said Adam Cooper, Senior Vice President of Marketing at The Wonderful Company – It just felt like a natural collaboration to us, and we can’t wait to have some fun across the galaxy.

Groot is a fan favorite character and the Wonderful Pistachios 360-degree campaign puts the little man at the fore – Mindy Hamilton of Marvel Studios said instead – Our creative team worked alongside the directors “I Am Groot”, Wonderful Pistachios and Framestore to create perhaps the best ad ever.

The initiative also includes a limited edition package of roasted and salted pistachios that will be available starting in early July and sold exclusively in stores and online by Walmart in the US while supplies run out.

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