Bitcoin Wasn’t Hacked by the FBI: The Whole Truth

Misinformation regarding Bitcoin related case, website hack colonial pipeline and recover part of the goods stolen byFBI Many of them were circulated, even in the Italian press. And it was time, even if several pieces of the puzzle were missing, to assess the situation.

In our opinion, there was no point in talking about insecurity BitcoinWhich will be at the mercy of the Federal Police United States of America, is not anonymous and ultimately insecure. Which makes its existence almost useless. This, fortunately, did not happen.

Bitcoin Hacked by FBI - Cryptocurrency Update
Bitcoin withstood the Feds attack, which never happened

But in fact what happened with the supposed hacking From colonial pipeline It has nothing to do with Bitcoin And a lot of things to do with neglecting those who are not part of this world, but still want to take part in important hacking operations – which obviously would have been interesting.FBI.

What really happened with the hacking process and the recovery of Bitcoin

The FBI announced yesterday evening that it has recovered some of the stolen goods, following up with a block explorer The path BTCs follow asked howه ransom To unlock the ransomware that was keeping the colony pipeline blocked.

This started, actually more for entertainment than for real information, a over there From the skepticism that the newspapers adroitly published, which indicates that the FBI has the ability to make good and bad weather on the BTC blockchain. Which would have marked, in no uncertain terms, the end of the protocol.

Fortunately markets that as well They are going through a very difficult momentIt didn’t take the news that it would make Bitcoin practically zero or close to zero at face value. Because they understood that something completely different had already happened.

  • The FBI got the keys to the wallet
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And not by hacking the Bitcoin blockchain, but by accessing the servers where it was stored. Apparently a cloud provider, which will provide access to federation Behind the request signed by the judge. once inside serverIt was easy (it would be practical for everyone) to recover the stolen goods.

  • There is a serious suspicion that the group has already been hacked

I suspect it’s getting stronger and it would have given more leverage for the FBI to meddle with the wallet. Once again, confirm that there was nothing Bitcoin hack And that the protocol is certain enough to force even good feds to look for ways easier.

  • Bitcoin transactions are only partially anonymous

And it is very easy to follow, even when using a file Blender Especially when you are prepared at the levels of the best police in the world. Other protocols should have been used, see Monero XMR, for an extra level of security (for hackers).

Why didn’t they all recover?

That will remain a question that will be held in court over the next few days, as part of the ransom the FBI did not recover. talking about slice that would go to the other parties involved, or to Outlay Who made the deal, remember that The dark sideThe group that carried out the operation, is most often activated on the basis of commissioning.

There are those who talk about a conspiracy to discredit Bitcoin

This is part of an unverifiable rumour. Of course, it is ridiculous to see how an operation was set up in such great detail that affected one of the major infrastructures in United States of AmericaWho are also experiencing a moment of love and hate towards Bitcoin – It ends as it ended because wallet key Stored on a publicly accessible server under jurisdiction‘FBI’.

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A story that obviously smells of burnt, but lacks the elements to tell the end, at least for now, we’ll just have to update ourselves to the following information to come from the professionals. All this while also checking what we mentioned in this in-depth analysis.

With only one certainty: At least for the time being, Bitcoin, in terms of security, is inaccessible even to experts Federal Bureau of Investigation. Who found a good way to neglect the people involved.

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